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Sonic Y -Pilot
Sonic Y Pilot issue, is a comic by Willaca that was made before the actuall series it self, due to the storyline still being planned. And isnt canon at all.


Pannal 1Edit

Narrator: As the two heroes travel to the next stage of the Eggbot battle, They make a plan.

Will: Yo can you her someone talking?

Sonic: Yeah I think so.

Pannal 2Edit

Narrator: Our heroes ventured far.

Pannal 3Edit

Narrator: And wide.

Pannal 4Edit

Narrator: And around in circles, But sooner or later they found there destination.

Pannal 5Edit

Will: Ahh finally were here, only felt like 2 seconds.

Sonic: We were gone for 2 day's.

Pannal 6Edit

Will: Shut the hell up!

Sonic: No!

Pannal 7Edit

After 2 long hours of arguing and "your mother" insults. They finally cooled down.

Pannal 8Edit

Sonic: Hey look there's Eggman land!

Will: Ahh nah it's disneyland!

Pannal 12Edit

Sonic: Eggman!

Eggman: HO HO HO!

Will: You a** you didn't wait for me!

Pannal 13Edit

Sonic: What do you mean you could of jumped on buildings!

Will: And what fall in the lava!

Pannal 14Edit


Pannal 15Edit


Pannal 16Edit

Sonic: Oh my god.

Will: What? [rest arm on self destruct button].

Pannal 17Edit

Will: Sheesh, somone's in a bad mood.

Pannal 18Edit

[Explosion happends and destroys Eggman land]

Will: Oops.

Sonic: Moron.

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