Vincent Thunder is a male anthropomorphic wolf and porcupine hybrid. He is Sandra's boyfriend and a close ally.

Vincent Thunder
Vincent Thunder, art by SandraThePorcupine

Also known as

Vince, Hot stuff, cutie (used jokingly by Sandra to embarrass him), Fighter


Wolf and porcupine hybrid








Some kind of green


Sandra, playing music, fighting, eating, sleeping, being lazy


Evil, out-of-tune notes, terrible music, loud noises


Fighting with katanas, playing saxophone, hand to hand combat

He is (C) to SandraThePorcupine.


Under construction


Vincent is a sarcastic, joyful and happy-go-lucky teenager. He loves the people who are close to him dearly, but he takes awhile to befriend. Originally seeming to be a jerk to Sandra, they became close friends and started to date each other, as Sandra recently had broken up with Seraph.


Vincent has short green quills and bangs, not dissimilar to Sandra. He has a tan muzzle and tan markings from his chest to part of his legs. He has thunderbolt markings on his face and arms, as well as gold markings on his thighs/feet. He wears a blueish-grey jacket and khakis.


Vincent is proficient with a katana, and he has electrokinesis as well. Most of the electric power is stored in all of the thunderbolt markings on him.

Due to Vincent's sensitivity to music, any triumphant or happy song can make him stronger in battle.


Vincent is very sensitive to music and can be easily influenced by it. While sometimes it might come in handy, whenever in battle a terrifying song plays in his head, he'll go insane and won't do anything but freak out. If a depressing song plays in his head, then his power will be weakened.

If Vincent stores too much electricity within him, he'll be electrocuted.


"All the hype made me want to check out the crime for myself." Vincent talking to Sandra for the first time regarding the murder.




  • Metal Sandra
  • Viola the Hedgehog
  • Sabre the Wolf
  • Safara the Porcupine

Theme Songs

Music that Influences Vincent's Battle Performance

Final Fantasy IX Music- Battle 2 (Boss Battle Theme)04:06

Final Fantasy IX Music- Battle 2 (Boss Battle Theme)

Main theme (This song will make Vincent much more powerful in battle)

Dear My Friend by Brent Cash (Theme of Sonic Unleashed)06:07

Dear My Friend by Brent Cash (Theme of Sonic Unleashed)

This song will weaken Vincent's power.

Majora's Mask OST - Clock Town Final Hours04:23

Majora's Mask OST - Clock Town Final Hours

This song will make Vincent crazy and unstable in battle.


  • Originally, Vincent's name was going to be "Vincent Lightning".
    • Both Vincent and Lightning are names of Final Fantasy characters from the two least favourite Final Fantasy games of his creator (Vincent Valentine from VII, Lightning from XIII)


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