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My Fandom Quiz.... Bro

Willaca May 14, 2012 User blog:Willaca

As the title says this is a quiz about which one of my Fandom characters you are. Now let's get down to buissness.

Q1: What's your primary weapon?


B: My fist

C: Whatever is suitable

D: My guns

E: A crowbar

Q2: What's your catch phrase?

A: "Want some nachos?"

B: I don't have one....

C: Catch phrases are stupid. What a dumb question

D: Andriods don't need catch phrases

E: "Why was I born?"

Q3: Do you have relatives?

A: Yeah an annoying li'l sister

B: Yeah a cool li'l bro

C: No

D: Andriods don't have relatives. DO I LOOK LIKE E-102 GAMMA TO YOU?!?!?!

E: Yeah they all hate me

Q4: You've found a pile of rings what do you do?

A: These are rings I thought they were donuts!

B: Buy science-y stuff

C: Give them to the people that need it the most


E: Oh my god... My life's changed forever

Q5: You've seen a very attractive person of the opposite gendar what do you do?

A: Like the song say's "Annoy that sucker to death come on now!"

B: I'd dont think i'll have the guts to talk to them

C: I don't care it may distract me on a mission


E: I'd probally get beaten up

Q6: What's your hairstyle?

A: Ducktail

B: Spruots

C: IDK I were a hood all the time

D: Looks like Shadow's hair but gray-ish

E: Who cares?

Q7: What's your hobby's?

A: What the H's a hobby?

B: Making science-y stuff

C: Protecting those who deserve to be protected

D: OH MY.... Shooting people that ask stupid questions

E: Wishing I was never born

Q8: What's your theme?

A: Other

B: Flying battery act 2

C: Open your heart

D: Iam... All of me

E: So much more

RESULTS: If you have the most letter's (like for example most A's) then here's the results

  • Mostly A's then your Will Rose.</li>
  • Mostly B's then your Mech Prower.</li>
  • Mostly C's then your Altar the Raccoon.</li>
  • Mostly D's (and you found this quiz annoying) then your Crush Kyd</li>
  • Mostly E's then your Sol Amy Rose.</li>
  • Tell use your results in the comment section below!</li>
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