Why? Because I'm not really a fan of Sonic anymore, it's actually getting quit boring now. Nothing new or new characters. It's usually it's all the same stuff in Sonic and it's really boring now. I haven't touch any Sonic game of mine for months. And how will this affect my time on the PC? Well, why playsomething you're not into anymore ya'know? That's like saying I should learn Science for the rest of my life. XP And well, since I'm not into Sonic as much as I have been in the past I'm not that much into this Wiki either no offense or anything but that's what happends when you're not into stuff as much as you have been and joined a site/Wiki about it. You start to get bored with that site and have nothing to do. No offense or anything guys but that's what has been happening not that into Sonic = not that into ACSFW. Sorry guys but Sonic is just plain boring for me now it's always the same stuff. Always speed and that's basically it. Sure I love games involving speed but when that said game has nothing else but that, then well. That kinda sucks..... No offense or anything but they need other stuff besides just running in the Sonic series. It needs more then just speed IMHO. Sonic kinda kidish now for me (if that makes sence) and I have been playing other games that are better then Sonic IMO and well I think you get the picture. And incase you don't because IDK you're stupid or something, it's because I'm not into Sonic anymore and that makes me not be into this Wiki as much as I have been.

I'll pop around at times if I have nothing to do and I'll just come over to the chat (or whatever) and say hey and all. Anyway, I'll talk wid' you all next time if Iam on the computer. Alright this Asian will catch you guys later. Laterz.

Will RoseKill icon ambassadorScout /=\"+ THIS. SIGNATURE. IS. FALSE. 09:05, September 25, 2012 (UTC)

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