• Willaca

    Everyone, iam back

    February 1, 2013 by Willaca

    Yes iam back, after a certain events that happened to led me into removing my internet for a really long time which is to long to explain. For the mean time Spam the comment section with wb's.

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  • Willaca

    Why? Because I'm not really a fan of Sonic anymore, it's actually getting quit boring now. Nothing new or new characters. It's usually it's all the same stuff in Sonic and it's really boring now. I haven't touch any Sonic game of mine for months. And how will this affect my time on the PC? Well, why playsomething you're not into anymore ya'know? That's like saying I should learn Science for the rest of my life. XP And well, since I'm not into Sonic as much as I have been in the past I'm not that much into this Wiki either no offense or anything but that's what happends when you're not into stuff as much as you have been and joined a site/Wiki about it. You start to get bored with that site and have nothing to do. No offense or anything guy…

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  • Willaca

    Why? Cause I lost my USB at school (AKA pen drive/flash drive) and that had all my Fandom and creations in it. And I used that USB to save all my Fandom and creations (cause theres tons of memory in my computer). So I'm afraid I won't continue ANY of my comics. Sorry but that's how it is. :( But once I get a new one (which I'll try my best to) I'll save all my Fandom stuff into (all the stuff is here anways XP) and continue my comics :D. But for the meantime, no pictures or comics.

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  • Willaca

    Hey guys! I decided to do my Oympic Comics! it involves a person called Meme-Head-Guy Interviewing our competitors. I hope you enjpy! Also if you see a black square around a word (One that isn't see through) then that means I made a mistake or changed a word. If you want your FC to be interviewd give a request below!

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  • Willaca

    As the title says this is a quiz about which one of my Fandom characters you are. Now let's get down to buissness.

    Q1: What's your primary weapon?


    B: My fist

    C: Whatever is suitable

    D: My guns

    E: A crowbar

    Q2: What's your catch phrase?

    A: "Want some nachos?"

    B: I don't have one....

    C: Catch phrases are stupid. What a dumb question

    D: Andriods don't need catch phrases

    E: "Why was I born?"

    Q3: Do you have relatives?

    A: Yeah an annoying li'l sister

    B: Yeah a cool li'l bro

    C: No

    D: Andriods don't have relatives. DO I LOOK LIKE E-102 GAMMA TO YOU?!?!?!

    E: Yeah they all hate me

    Q4: You've found a pile of rings what do you do?

    A: These are rings I thought they were donuts!

    B: Buy science-y stuff

    C: Give them to the people that need it the most


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