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Which Sonic Character Are You? QUIZ

I had the idea of making a Sonic quiz. Here you are!

Q.1. There's new speed shoes in the shops. What do you do?

  • A. Buy em with my millions of rings!
  • B. I'll buy them and use them to find my love!
  • C. I've got enough shoes, besides, I could build my own bionic shoes to catch up with by best bud!
  • D. I've got the dang skates! LOOK!
  • E. Shoes aren't important right now. There's Chao to save!

Q.2. There's a fire on Mobius! What do you do?

  • A. Use my speed to rush everyone outta the fire!
  • B. Become distressed and wait for your love to save you.
  • C. Get a huge plane big enough to carry everyone!
  • D. Hmph.
  • E. Oh no! The past is back to haunt me!

Q.3. Eggman says he's good again. What do you say?

  • A. 'Yea, right.'
  • B. 'Are you sure? Cos my love will stop you if you're not.'
  • C. 'Like, really?'
  • D. 'How many times have you said this, Doctor?'
  • E. 'I would never believe you, Robotnik.'

Q.4.You're getting Deja Vu! What now?

  • A. I don't know! I'll just save the world.
  • B. I feel weird... is a robot going to kidnap me?
  • C. Not to me! But look! There's something over there!
  • D. Deja Vu? Not me. I can't remember anything.
  • E. I feel so free! I'm alive again!

Q.5. You're at Speed Highway, and you've broken the law. Whaddya say to the cops?

  • A. 'Up and down and all around!'
  • B. 'Wait! I need to kiss MY Sonic!'
  • C. 'Errrhhhh!!!'
  • D. 'Chaos Control!'
  • E. 'How can I make you understand?'

Q.6. You've got a crush on somebody. What do you do?

  • A. Speed over to them: your speed will make them think you're NOT a loser.
  • B. Chase em like nobody's business!
  • C. Think about getting dumped.
  • D. You don't do romance.
  • E. I might have time later, after everything is in peace.

Q.7. Choose a weapon.

  • A. Don't need one: I've got speed!
  • B. Piko Piko Hammer and Chasing!
  • C. Mechanics and flying.
  • D. Powers of the Chaos Emeralds.
  • E. Becoming a spirit

Q.8 You're favourite colour is...

  • A. Blue
  • B. Pink
  • C. Yellow
  • D. Black and Red
  • E. Orange

Q.9. Your Crush Is...

  • A. None, really.
  • B. SONIC!!
  • C. Fiona Fox
  • E. Maybe Knuckles...

Q.10. What is your favourite food?

  • A. Chili Dogs
  • B. Anything my crush eats!
  • C. Mint Candy!
  • D. I don't have to eat!
  • E. Any natural foods, such as fruits.



  • Mostly A's: You are Sonic! You are fast, heroic and maybe a bit handsome. You stop Eggman whenever he plots his usual plans!
  • Mostly B's: You are Amy! You trust your hero, hammer and friends on your way, and can be a bit annoying.
  • Mostly C's: You are Tails! You can fly, and have the amazing ability to control mechanical items. You are the best bud of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Mostly D's: You are Shadow! You have the ability to use Chaos Control, and you were created. Not born.
  • Mostly E's: You are Tikal! You are a calm, pure hearted Echidna who believes in everybody he/she trusts.

So how did you score? Post a comment here on this blog and tell people which character you are!

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