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Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in Ponyville (YAY)
  • I was born on September 11
  • My occupation is University Student
  • I am a british person who speaks of apple cinnamon.
  • Sonicpower

    I had the idea of making a Sonic quiz. Here you are!

    Q.1. There's new speed shoes in the shops. What do you do?

    • A. Buy em with my millions of rings!
    • B. I'll buy them and use them to find my love!
    • C. I've got enough shoes, besides, I could build my own bionic shoes to catch up with by best bud!
    • D. I've got the dang skates! LOOK!
    • E. Shoes aren't important right now. There's Chao to save!

    Q.2. There's a fire on Mobius! What do you do?

    • A. Use my speed to rush everyone outta the fire!
    • B. Become distressed and wait for your love to save you.
    • C. Get a huge plane big enough to carry everyone!
    • D. Hmph.
    • E. Oh no! The past is back to haunt me!

    Q.3. Eggman says he's good again. What do you say?

    • A. 'Yea, right.'
    • B. 'Are you sure? Cos my love will stop you if you're n…

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