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Tynic The Hedgehog is a 20 year old hedgehog and a hero in Sonic:revalations.The design was made with almost a day of research. Tynic Main Job is to save others from doom.Tynic Has one rival Named Dragonblade The Devilhog. He Can Run fast as the speed of Light. His color Is Blue and Green. He was design as a New Generation of Characters.He Is Also Made a team Called Team Light-Speed. There are 3 Members. Leader- Tynic, Fly-Lighter, Power- Splash. In Sonic Revalations Tynic Meets Sonic for the First Time and fight with Him.

His Full Name will Be Tynic Lightning Speed


"Ah Yeah That's right Baby, Im The Best"- Favorite Quote and S rank in sonic revalations

"Yes I Did It"- Sonic Revalations A rank

" Good I Guess " - Sonic Revalations B ranks

" Eh.. You can't win them all " - Sonic Revalations C rank

" Dang It, I got try harder " - Sonic Revalations D rank

" No" - E rank Sonic Revalations

"Bring It On"

" I fight for truth and justice "

" At Least you can try to beat people"

" We're a Team"


Sonic - Bestfriends

Tails- Bestfriend

Knuckles - Good Friend


Rouge- Good Friend

Splash - Cousin

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