Quotation1 My Name is Tye, Tye The Hedgehog Quotation2
Tynic The Hedgehog


Red Fur

Blue Eyes






Running and fighting


Friends and His Powers





Favorite Food



Blue Jacket

Blue Shoes

Black Gloves with Red

Gray T shirt

Tynic Assassin is one of the heroes of Kingdom Halfbreed and the Son of Berlin and tammy. He Shows Pride to his homeland and his kind,in which he fight along side withLink and Pit The fox. People call hm Tye The Hedgehog. he has the power tol change sizes (6cm tall to 34 inches Tall). He fights for Freedom and his family.

His Size kinda is an advantage and Weakness(mainly weakness). he is not to be toyed with Because when he Any size He Become unstoppable . He is very careful, when it comes to conversation with (much) Bigger persons. Because at his size , He is scared to death when some one bigger than him approaches him.

On Mobius, He is known as "Tye (Tynic)"  or "Red meteor" Because of his raging speed.


'Life as a Hero'( a Red Meteor)Edit

Tye  was born in the Castle of Halfbreed. Tye was a Raging fast Hedgebaby. But His mom , Tammy palos Loved her Child Tye. He always Loved his mother and father(Berlin The hedgehog). Tye Got his nicname red meteor because He can turn into lava and his speed bursted like crazy.

Tye DestinyEdit

Not before long Tye,Had to learn Some new moves from his parents.When Tye Realized that he has too much Power, so he had to despose of It. But when tye tried to despose of it, He Just went into a false super tye. He Went to His training hall to test his Moves. Once he unlocked his true power He Realized his destiny.

Gaining His swordEdit

10 years later after the fight with leo(which he lost) He went to go Find his friend Pit For his newer Sword.But when Tynic found a sword stuck to a Hard piece of stone.He Pulled it out like it was nothing, Then Examine the sword , Then Realized it was A Legendary sword.

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