Quotation1 But Don't get me wrong, I'm no Ordinary Snail. Quotation2
- Turbo
Turbo the Snail
Vital statistics
Title Turbo The Snail
Gender Male
Race Snail/Mobian
Faction {{{faction}}}
Health 100
Level 5
Status {{{status}}}
Location Paridise hill
Turbo The Snail, is a Antagonist in Sonic Archie Comics, He Most likely was Turned To be Fast by electric,

Appearnce Edit

Turbo The Snail Is half Turbo, Who has Been Mobized Into a Snail, with arms and legs.

Freinds/Foes Edit

Comic Appearnces Edit

Voice Actors Edit

His Voice Actor has Been Swapped around a lot, His first voice actor was Tom Kenny, Next was Scott Cawthon, And Finnaly Tom Hanks.

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