Tomos Proweris one of the main characters in the Fanfiction Sonic Tomorrow and he is the son of Miles Prower and Cosmo the Seedrian.


Tomos is a Seedrian with white skin and yellow hair with two white unblossmed flower on his head.Tomos wars yellow shirt,flower pad pants with yellow ends,and yellow shoes.


Tomos is a kind and gentle character, though he often feels weak because his other teammates fight on the front and he stays back unable to fight with them. Tomos also dislikes fighting between friends, but acknowledges that a friendly rivalry sometimes can be good. Tomos can be somewhat clumsy, but he is also quite resourceful; he also has a penchant of getting into trouble.


Tomos is the son of Tails AKA Miles Prower and Cosmo The Seedrian with older sister Fiona Prower. He all was loved Chao so when he turned 6 he got a brown Chao which he named Chocola and would start practiceing his fighting skills because he has joined Team Fighters.

Powers and SkillsEdit

Tomos does have a few abilities, being a plant herself, such as having the ability to empathize with plants, trees, or the planet and determine their state of life. Tomos can jump high and gently float down with the aid of his pants. He later learned to grow vines that can entangle enemy's, throw enemy's, and knock out enemy's. Tomos has demonstrated some sort of agility training from Alex along with speed training able to avoid his attacks with great speed. He also shows heavy endurance as he is able to recover from powerful attacks quickly. He was also thought by his father how to fly a plane and extreme gear. Tomos is very smart like his father on a level with Marian Roobtnick. Tomos even has the power to create force fields. Tomos has many powers but most that can be used in battle are defensef.


Tomos's weaknesses include being physically weak and acting a little clumsy. He has trouble carrying heavy objects but can use certain objects as defense. Tomos also tends to get into trouble easily.

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