The Mastermind is a Character in the Sonic Archie comics and the leader of BRAIN. Little much is known about him.

Appearence Edit

He appears to be a tall figure wearing a hat to cover. His eyes can also be seen as white dots.

Early life Edit

His early life started when his parents abandoned him. He was an orphan, but he had something special - Intelligence. He built several things from metal and microchips, and was known to have a lot of friends. But one day, when Sonic attacked eggman, He threw Eggman and he landed inside The mastermind's lab, Which saddened him. After that, He vowed to destroy Sonic as a revenge.

Trivia Edit

  • On ask BRAIN, it's revealed he knew Sonic more than Eggman did.
  • It is also revealed got his intelligence when he was dropped on the ground as an infant.

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