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This is the Second Issue of the Spin-Off, Spongebob100 Universe Comic series.


(Need a Cover with Hank J. Wimbleton & Sanford with the Mane 6 in Ponyville)


Story OneEdit

"The Madness Saga" - Part 2: The Ponies & the Powerhouses

(Takes place before Spongebob100 Comics Issue 4 & after Sonic the Hedgehog #236)

Hank & Sanford are stuck in a land called "Equestria" & something tells me that they're in for a surprize once they've noticed who lives in Ponyville. This is Part 2 of the Madness Saga & both Hank & Sanford needs to find a way back at Mobius to save Deimos who is now Mecha Deimos. How will Hank & Sanford cope in a land of Ponyville filled with Ponies?

Story TranscriptEdit

Hank J. Wimbleton the Werehog & Sanford the Echidna looks around the surroundings of Equestria, noticing that they're not in Nevada or on Mobius anymore. The Duo notices a unicorn pony named Twilight Sparkle & greets her. Twilight Sparkle notices the duo & greets them back, taking them a tour through Ponyville. Sanford tells Hank that she could be the brains of their new team.

The Duo, Hank & Sanford goes into a Town called Ponyville to find that there's only Ponies in this town, not humans or mobians. The Ponies in Ponyville gave Hank & Sanford various looks, it really creeping Hank & Sanford out. Sanford tells Hank that they need to make their own team in order to protect this place just incase Dr. EggPlankton's or Dr. Eggman's attacks. A pink pony with a curly pink tail and mane walks up to the two, and when Hank says "Greetings", she gasps, springs into the air, and zips out of frame, much to Hank's & Sanford's confusion. Twilight Sparkle then wishes Hank & Sanford, good luck.

Hank & Sanford arrive at Sweet Apple Acres, saying that they need to find someone strong in their team, that's when they see Applejack kicking a tree to harvest its apples. She vigorously shakes Sanford's hand and, when she hears Twilight is there to supervise the preparations, offers her to sample some of the food. Applejack rings a rusty triangle and summons her large family, which includes her brother Big Macintosh, sister Apple Bloom, and Granny Smith. Hank is pleased to see the food situation is handled and Sanford politely says he & Hank will be on they're way. Apple Bloom then invites her to stay for brunch. Hank said yes, but Sanford turns down Apple Bloom's invitation for brunch, but the disappointed reaction of the entire Apple family causes Sanford to begrudgingly change his mind, much to the Apple Family's delight.

Hank walks down a path with Sanford following behind with her stomach swollen, groaning about having eaten too much pie. Hank says that he & Sanford found someone who is strong & it's AppleJack. Then Hank & Sanford needs someone super fast in their team. Then a Pegasus pony named Rainbow Dash accidentally crashes into Hank & Sanford, sending all 3 of them into a mud puddle. She giggles and apologizes, then brings over a cloud to rain-wash both Hank & Sanford. The rain soaks Hank & Sanford, and Dash attempts to clean the duo up with a small twister which frizzles Hank's & Sanford's clothes & Hank's Mutated Arm. Dash fall down on the ground laughing at the sight. Sanford concludes that the Pegasus pony is Rainbow Dash and introduces himself & Hank, saying she's here to check on the weather. Dash nonchalantly shrugs it off, and informs Hank & Sanford that she'll get to it once she's done practicing for the Wonderbolts, an aerial acrobatic team. Hank exclaims in awe & amazement. Sanford scoffs at the idea, prompting Dash to assert her aerial abilities and astound Sanford with her speed and agility. Rainbow Dash claims that she can clear the sky in "ten seconds flat", and exactly ten seconds elapse between Sanford's "prove it" response and the last cloud being kicked away. Dash chuckles and invites Hank & Sanford to hang out some more sometime, then flies away with Hank in amazement & Sanford in shock. Hank says that Rainbow Dash is perfect for Speed.

At the inside of the town square pavilion. Hank & Sanford (now with their clothes cleaned) needs to find someone who is good with armory. Just then, they both found a unicorn pony named, Rarity, and Hank & Sanford greets Rarity, who finishes some decorating and turns to them. Upon seeing Hank's Mutated Arm, she drags the duo off to her boutique to give Hank's Mutated Arm a makeover. Once Rarity decides on Hank's Mutated Arm look, she asks Hank & Sanford where they're from. Hank & Sanford starts saying they're from Nevada. When Rarity turns away to get a different jewel for the armband, Hank & Sanford makes their "escape".

Hank & Sanford are on the way for the next member to inspect—someone who is good with medical care, the last one. A choir of birds is heard from a short distance, and Hank & Sanford investigate from the bushes. A yellow Pegasus with a pink mane, soon to be identified as Fluttershy, is orchestrating the bird choir, quietly and politely telling one of the birds that he's a tiny bit off. Hank introduces himself with a loud "hi", which makes the birds fly off. Hank apologizes for frightening the birds and compliments Fluttershy on the music, but Fluttershy shyly stares at the ground and says nothing. Sanford tries to break the awkward silence by introducing himself & Hank to Fluttershy & Sanford asks Fluttershy for her name, but her replies are too quiet and timid to clearly make it out. After another awkward pause, Hank & Sanford hesitantly concludes that everything is in order and turns to leave. Fluttershy catches a glimpse of Hank, flies into the air, and exclaims "An arm of a Red Tiger!" She knocks over Sanford and tells Hank she's never seen a Red Tiger before, when Hank's Arm looks like a Red Tiger's Arm. She fawns over Hank, but Sanford pulls him back and starts walking off, with Fluttershy following them and conversing with Hank. She introduces herself as Fluttershy, and keeps questioning Hank on the long way to the library, much to Sanford's dismay. By the time they reach the library, Hank has finished talking about his entire life story up until their arrival in Ponyville. Sanford tries to brush off Fluttershy, claiming that he & Hank needs some rest. Sanford rudely blocks her way inside and wishes her goodnight.

Inside the library it's pitch black, and only Hank & Sanford can be dimly seen, their eyes kept bright despite the darkness. Hank sarcastically complains about Sanford's rudeness, and Sanford apologizes and explains he needs to get back to Mobius & frees Deimos from his Mecha Form & EggPlankton's Control, without a bunch of crazy ponies trying to make friends all the time. Hank tells Sanford that they need one last member for their team, someone who is always on his or her toes, constantly alert & always suspect the unexpected. The light flicks on, showing dozens of ponies standing all around, who yell "surprise!" Streamers and balloons drop everywhere, and a party whistle blows right in front of Sanford's face. Sanford says that this could be a long day. The pink pony from earlier introduces herself as Pinkie Pie and says she threw the party in honor of Hank & Sanford. She's very talkative, barely letting either Hank or Sanford get a word in, explaining that she gasped when she saw Hank & Sanford because she got the idea to throw her a party when she saw her and realized they're both new in town. Hank & Sanford pours themselves a drink which turns out to be hot sauce, and Sanford comically whisks out of the room with her mane on fire. Hank noticed this & shrugs as he drinks his drink & then goes after Sanford.

Back outside in Night-Time, Hank & Sanford explains about their team. They may have found a team of 6, but they're still a chance that they can stop Dr. Eggman & Dr. EggPlankton & free Deimos from his Roboticized Form. Hank & Sanford hopes that they can do it.

Meanwhile in the Special Zone, we see Mecha Deimos is doing various challenges from Feist & completes them perfectly. Feist is very impressed with Mecha Deimos' Actions on his various challenges for him. Feist gives up a Cyan Chaos Emerald for Mecha Deimos, congratulating him. Mecha Deimos says that Hank & Sanford doesn't stand a chance.


  • Hank J. Wimbleton the Werehog
  • Sanford the Echidna
  • The Mane 6
    • Twilight Sparkle
    • Applejack
    • Rainbow Dash
    • Pinkie Pie
    • Rarity
    • Fluttershy
  • The Apple Family
    • Big Macintosh
    • Apple Bloom
    • Granny Smith
  • Feist
  • Mecha Deimos



Key EventsEdit

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