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This is the 8th Issue of Spongebob100 Comics


(Need a cover of the Angry Birds getting angry at the Destructix)


Story OneEdit

"An Angry Bird's Revenge"

What happens when our faviorite ill-tempered fouls are captured, caged & shift to Planet Mobius in the No Zone? They get very ANGRY! The All Star Freedom Fighters team up with our faviorite A.P.A. Demolition Crew in the world for an adventure through the Moebius Zone against the Destructix. What the outcome will be? Can our heroes stop the Destructix? Find out as the Angry Birds bring down the house.

Story TranscriptEdit

Angry Bird's Flashback

(Flashback takes place during Sonic Universe #32)

At the world of Angry Birds, we see that the Angry Birds known as Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, White Bird, Boomerang Bird, Big Brother Bird, Orange Bird & Pink Bird are singing their Theme Song, but suddendly a giant cage traps the Angry Birds inside & suddendly got carried away by Fiona Fox, Sergeant Simian, Predator Hawk, Flying Frog & Lightning Lynx. Fiona tells the Angry Birds that they'll be perfect for our escape plan for Scourge, which causes the Angry Birds to be very angry at all 5, until Fiona knocked them out with sleeping gas, causing the Angry Birds to fall asleep.

At the Cosmic Interstate, the Angry Birds woke up & notices Fiona Fox, Sergeant Simian, Predator Hawk, Flying Frog & Lightning Lynx confronting the Zone Cops for cross-dimensional travel; however, rather than submitting quietly, the group viciously attacks the officers. The Angry Birds witnessed the attack, realising that the Zone Cops need some help. The Angry Birds we're in shock as Sergeant Simian lifts up an entire zone police car & throws it off the bridge & other Destructix members savagely attacks the Zone Cops, much to the Angry Bird's Anger. The Angry Birds savagely breaks out of their cage & when they broke out, the next thing they knew the Destructix are already on the move. Red Bird charges at the Destructix first, but he was caught by Sergeant Simian, causing Red Bird to squawk in shock as Fiona coos "Oh! So close!". Suddendly the Destructix heard a cry that said "WE'LL SAVE YOU RED BIRD!" coming from the Angry Birds who are charges & tackles at the Destructix with full force saving Red Bird & knocking out the Destructix. Red Bird thanks his Angry Bird Teammates. More Zone cops appear noticing the Angry Birds have tooken out the Destructix & then Zonic the Zone Cop appears & says "Thank you" to the Angry Birds for taken out the Destructix for the Zone Cops. As the Zone Cops took the Destructix to the Zone Police Van, Fiona suddendly grabs Red Bird & puts him in her pocket. The Angry Birds witnessed Fiona's Actions as the Zone Cops takes the Destructix to the No Zone, not knowing that they took Red Bird also, thanks to Fiona Fox. The Other Angry Birds goes after the Van, trying to save Red Bird.

The Angry Birds arrived at the No Zone Jail, as they trying to figure out how to get Red Bird back. A Zone Cop notices them & asked them why are they at No Zone Jail. The Angry Birds tells them that Fiona Fox has held Red Bird in captivity. The Angry Birds notices the Destructix heading inside the No Zone Jail with Fiona Fox holding Red Bird in her pocket & blows a kiss at the Angry Birds. Pink Bird gets even more angrier than all the other Angry Birds, saying that Red Bird is my boyfriend. The Zonic says that the Angry Birds will have to wait until they need their help again. Suddendly Big Brother Bird has a plan.

Inside the No Zone Jail in Fiona's Jail Cell. Fiona, (now in her Orange Prison Uniform with her prison shirt tied in the front), pulls out Red Bird from her pocket & tells him that the other Angry Birds are not coming to rescue him, much to Red Bird's Anger. Fiona coos at Red Bird when she notices Red Bird's anger & continues to tease him causing Red Bird to be even more angry that he wants to tackle Fiona. Suddendly the bell rings, meaning that it's lunch time & Fiona goes off to the Mess Hall. Red Bird notices the other Angry Birds pretending to be Prisonors & goes inside Fiona's Jail Cell to meet up with Red Bird & they want to know how to get outta here, but Red Bird said that he wants revenge on the Destructix for capturing the Angry Birds in the first place. So Red Bird devises a plan. As he explaining the plan to his other Angry Bird Friends, the Bell rang & begins to hide in a Vacant Jail Cell.

In Night Time, the Angry Birds hears the alram go off & gets out of the Cell to find out what's going on & they noticed ALL of the No Zone Prisonors are escaping & Scourge (now in his Orange Prison Uniform, but scratched in the front) attacking the other No Zone Prisonors wanting payback. Red Bird goes after Scourge the Hedgehog while the other Angry Birds goes after the No Zone Prisonors preventing them from escaping. Red Bird was about to attack Scourge, but Scourge and the Destructix (Now in their Orange Prison Uniform) easily tear through Red Bird & the other No Zone Prisonors making their way out, only for the other Angry Birds to attack them from behind. Red Bird recovers & then notices the Destructix making a get-away with the Angry Birds chasing after them not to far behind. As they caught up to them, the Warp Ring is opened; the Destructix pile through while Scourge waves mockingly and jumps through the other side, only for the Angry Birds to charge as fast as they can in the Warp Ring after them, before the Warp Ring dissapears.


(Present takes place during Sonic the Hedgehog #238)

At Freedom HQ, the All Star Freedom Fighters are still figuring out how NICOLE is gone missing, only to find that Spongebob thinks that NICOLE is in danger. Jack decides to travel to find NICOLE. Suddendly Fangz finds a Warp Ring on the floor. Eddy says that they can use this to find NICOLE. After Eddy said that, Vezok activates the Warp Ring, causing the Warp Ring to open. They decided to travel inside the Warp Ring to find out how the Warp Ring works.

On Moebius, the All Star Freedom Fighters arrived in the zone, knowing that the Warp Ring works. They're ready to get back, until they hear noises coming from the bushes & then goes to the bushes & spots the Destructix. They want to know who they are. Suddendly the Destructix surrounds them, even though they we're outnumbered. Scourge says that their no match for the Destructix. Suddendly the Angry Birds attacks Destructix from out of nowhere & goes closer to them & the Destructix are shocked to see that the Angry Birds has come back to haunt them. The Destructix are taking steps backwards until they reach a brick wall. Scourge says to Red Bird that it can't be him. Red Bird says that he & the Angry Birds they're here for revenge for what they've done to Red Bird (SU: #32). Until Jack tells them that the Destructix had enough. Patricia says to the Destructix that we'll be back to stop you later as she said that, the All Star Freedom Fighters + the Angry Birds went back to the Prime Zone. The Destructix are wondering who are the All Star Freedom Fighters with the Angry Birds, then Scourge & Fiona Fox both said that the Destructix will take down the All Star Freedom Fighters for sure & also said that the All Star Freedom Fighters will remember the name that is the Destructix.

Story TwoEdit

"Good NICOLE Hunting"

(Takes place after Sonic the Hedgehog #238's Backstory)

After NICOLE was gone missing in the previous issue, the All Star Freedom Fighters are on a search party to find her. Where could NICOLE be?

Story TranscriptEdit

The All Star Freedom Fighters had arrived back to Freedom HQ from a Warp Ring & they welcome the Angry Birds as their Newest Members. The Angry Birds thanks their new Freedom Fighter members. Jack then orders his freedom fighter members to find NICOLE. At the Newly-Built Garage of Freedom HQ, they arrived at a new vehicle called the "All Star Truck" [which is similar to the "Heavy Assault Vehicle / Wheeled A6 Juggernaut" in Star Wars] & then uses the All Star Truck for traveling to find NICOLE, starting in New Mobotropolis.

As they arrived, the citizens all noticed the All Star Truck that says "All Star Freedom Fighters" on it. The All Star Freedom Fighters steps out of the Vehicle & greets everyone & then introduces themselves to the good citizens of New Mobotropolis. After that, they started a search party to find NICOLE & it's going for hours, but then Ed founds a stump, which is actually the entrace to the secret bunker called "Secret HQ" & Ed accidently fell down through the entrace & then Ed responded "Who put out the tarter sauce?" as the others get down throught the entrace & gone inside "Secret HQ" only to find a group that looks like Ninjas & a black robot, which are actually the Secret Freedom Fighters. Patricia found NICOLE, but then Sir Charles suddendly appears & tells NICOLE to disappear (as she is exiled from the kingdom) and quickly tries to cover Shard & the Secret Freedom Fighters from the All Star Freedom Fighters' view. As Charles desparatedly tries to explain everything to the All Star Freedom Fighters, Jack suddenly realizes it's Sir Charles as his adopted father & Uncle & suddendly says "Chucky? Is that you?". Sir Charles also notices Jack as his adopted son & Uncle says "Jack? My adoptive son is that you?". After their reunion is finished, the Secret Freedom Fighters are trying to figure out what are the All Star Freedom Fighters doing here, their worried that they might blow their secret, but the "All Star Freedom Fighters" have no idea what they're talking about. NICOLE then reappears & tells the Secret Freedom Fighters are her friends, much to the others confusion.

Then Harvey Who appears & notices the All Star Freedom Fighters & is very ammused of their arrival & tells them that they are another group of Freedom Fighters that can stop evil villains like Eggman & Ixis Naugas. He also knows Dr. EggPlankton as well, much to the All Star Freedom Fighters' shock & disbelief. Then Harvey Who explains that the Secret Freedom Fighters needed to be a secret & they allowed to keep it a secret, but Mr. Krabs disagrees at first, but then NICOLE begs Mr. Krabs to keep the Secret Freedom Fighters a secret, but Mr. Krabs then said he's gonna make a whole lots of money. As Mr. Krabs tries to leave, Schnitzel knocks Mr. Krabs out at the back of Mr. Krabs' head with a Big Frying Pan. Mung says that it's for his own good not to tell anyone. NICOLE thanks Schnitzel for saving the Secret Freedom Fighters from being discovered. Then Schnitzel said "Rada Rada" much to the Secret Freedom Fighter's confusion cause they can't understand what Schnitzel said. Harvey then translate the words from Schnitzel & he says that Schnitzel says "Your welcome". Mung tells them that Schnitzel always says "Rada" & only Mung can understand what Schnitzel says, much to everyone's understandings. Then Harvey Who explains that the All Star Freedom Fighters are the new protecters of Mobius & the replacement of the dismantled Knothole Freedom Fighters. Then Harvey Who added that the Knothole Freedom Fighters are no more, but then splits into two teams called "Team Fighters" & "Team Freedom", that caused Patricia to say that she met Team Fighters before & helped her fix & upgrade her Flying Broom. Then it's time that the All Star Freedom Fighters should be heading back. So the All Star Freedom Fighters says goodbye to the Secret Freedom Fighters, NICOLE & Jack's Adoptive Father & Uncle, Sir Charles, as they carried Mr. Krabs back outside. Once they're back at the All Star Truck & drive back to New Knothole. They're wondering that without NICOLE, who's gonna help the All Star Freedom Fighters now.


  • Jack the Hedgehog
  • Patricia the Skunk
  • Spongebob the Hedgehog
  • Patrick the Echidna
  • Squidward the Fox
  • Ed the Crocodile
  • Edd the Chameleon
  • Eddy the Bee
  • Total Drama Characters
    • Owen the Bear
    • Gwen the Swallow
    • Heather the Bat
    • Duncan the Dingo
    • LeShawna the Panther
    • Geoff the Kangaroo
    • Izzy the Chipmunk
    • DJ the Rabbit
    • Lindsay the Fox
    • Bridgette the Dolphin
    • Trent the Eagle
    • Eva the Gorilla
    • Harold the Chameleon
    • Courtney the Cat
    • Beth the Meerkat
    • Cody the Hedgehog
    • Tyler the Monkey
    • Katie & Sadie the Pandas
    • Justin the Hawk
    • Noah the Bandicoot
    • Ezekiel the Moose
    • Alejandro the Echidna
    • Sierra the Hedgehog
    • Chris Mclean the Hedgehog
    • Chef Hatchet the Turtle
  • The Piraka (Spongebob100)
    • Reidak the Hedgehog
    • Hakann the Hedgehog
    • Vezok the Hedgehog
    • Zaktan the Hedgehog
    • Avak the Hedgehog
    • Thok the Hedgehog
  • Mung Daal the Monkey
  • Schnitzel the Gorilla
  • Mr Krabs the Crab
  • Meltdown the Crocodile
  • Xplode the Hedgehog
  • Thunder the Echidna
  • Corroder the Crab
  • Rotor the Fox
  • Drilldozer the Echidna
  • Jetbug the Bee
  • Nitroblast the Gorilla
  • Waspix the Wasp
  • Raw Jaw the Echidna
  • Fangz the Wolf
  • Scorpio the Scorpion
  • Chip & Skip the Hedgehogs
  • Timon the Meerkat & Pumbaa the Warthog
  • Boggy B the Worm
  • Mordecai the Jay & Rigby the Raccoon
  • The Rahkshi
    • Turahk the Wolf
    • Guurahk the Wolf
    • Lerahk the Wolf
    • Panrahk the Wolf
    • Vorahk the Wolf
    • Kurahk the Wolf
  • Metal Patricia
  • Hank J. Wimbleton the Werehog
  • Sanford the Echidna
  • Mecha Deimos
  • The Angry Birds
    • Red Bird the Cardinal
    • Blue Bird the Bluebird
    • Yellow Bird the Canary
    • Black Bird the Greater Antilles Bullfinch
    • White Bird the Chicken
    • Boomerang Bird the Toucan
    • Big Brother Bird the Cardinal
    • Orange Bird the Oriole
    • Pink Bird the Galah
  • The Destructix
    • Scourge the Hedgehog
    • Fiona Fox
    • Sergeant Simian
    • Predator Hawk
    • Flying Frog
    • Lightning Lynx
  • Secret Freedom Fighters
    • Harvey Who
    • Silver the Hedgehog
    • Elias Acorn
    • Shard
    • Lyco
    • Leeta
    • Larry Lynx
  • Sir Charles



Story OneEdit

Story TwoEdit

Key EventsEdit

Story OneEdit

  • The Angry Bird's Flashback reveals their past on how Red Bird made a cameo appearance in Sonic Universe #32.
  • The Angry Birds are now the Destructix's Rivals.
  • The All Star Freedom Fighters welcomes the Angry Birds as their newest members
  • The Destructix are now enemies to the All Star Freedom Fighters.

Story TwoEdit

  • The All Star Freedom Fighters started searching for NICOLE in their new "All Star Truck"
  • The All Star Freedom Fighters found NICOLE in Secret HQ
  • We revealed that in the Prime Zone, Jack is Uncle Chuck's Adopted Son.
  • Mr. Krabs nearly blows the Secret Freedom Fighter's secret, but thanks to Schnitzel knocking out Mr. Krabs, he saved their secret from ever been exposed.

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