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This is the 10th issue of Spongebob100 Comics


(Need a cover of Layla the FoxSkunk flying on her Dark Harley Motorcycle-like Flying Broom in the night time sky, covered in Dark Purple Exhaust, side saddled, with a wicked seductive evil smile on her face, while Patricia is chasing after Layla on her Flying Broom & Jack hanging onto Layla's Flying Broom behind her, looking down with a scared look on his face)


Story OneEdit

"Witch Way Did She Go?"

(Takes place during Archie Sonic the Hedgehog #240 & Sonic Universe Issues #41 - 44)

Uh Oh! The All Star Freedom Fighters are now facing a new evil girl FoxSkunk who is named "Layla the FoxSkunk", who lives in the Dark Forest in a Haunted Mansion. She is terrorizing not only New Mobotropolis, but also the All New Secret Freedom Fighters, but there is a time that it's hard to keep secrets from everyone. With Layla terrorizing the entire planet Mobius with "No Holds Barred", can the All Star Freedom Fighters stop this new witchy menace before she suceeds on her evil plan?

Story TwoEdit

"Well I'll be a Acorn's Uncle"

While the All Stars Freedom Fighters are tracking down Layla & the Screct Freedom Fighters teaming up together to stop Ixis Naugas' plans, Jinpachi Mishima has other plans for himself, he decides to leave the castle & continues his plans of world domination, only to find out that King Elias & Sally Acorn actually has an uncle named "Alex Acorn", who is King Max's Unseen Older Brother. With Alex Acorn's escape from imprisonment by a cave, will he find out what Jinpachi's plan are?


  • Jack the Hedgehog
  • Patricia the Skunk
  • Spongebob the Hedgehog
  • Patrick the Echidna
  • Squidward the Fox
  • Ed the Crocodile
  • Edd the Chameleon
  • Eddy the Bee
  • Total Drama Characters
    • Owen the Bear
    • Gwen the Swallow
    • Heather the Bat
    • Duncan the Dingo
    • LeShawna the Panther
    • Geoff the Kangaroo
    • Izzy the Chipmunk
    • DJ the Rabbit
    • Lindsay the Fox
    • Bridgette the Dolphin
    • Trent the Eagle
    • Eva the Gorilla
    • Harold the Chameleon
    • Courtney the Cat
    • Beth the Meerkat
    • Cody the Hedgehog
    • Tyler the Monkey
    • Katie & Sadie the Pandas
    • Justin the Hawk
    • Noah the Bandicoot
    • Ezekiel the Moose
    • Alejandro the Echidna
    • Sierra the Hedgehog
    • Chris Mclean the Hedgehog
    • Chef Hatchet the Turtle
  • The Piraka (Spongebob100)
    • Reidak the Hedgehog
    • Hakann the Hedgehog
    • Vezok the Hedgehog
    • Zaktan the Hedgehog
    • Avak the Hedgehog
    • Thok the Hedgehog
  • Mung Daal the Monkey
  • Schnitzel the Gorilla
  • Mr Krabs the Crab
  • The Mobian Monsters
    • Meltdown the Crocodile
    • Xplode the Hedgehog
    • Thunder the Echidna
    • Corroder the Crab
    • Rotor the Fox
    • Drilldozer the Echidna
    • Jetbug the Bee
    • Nitroblast the Gorilla
    • Waspix the Wasp
    • Raw Jaw the Echidna
    • Fangz the Wolf
    • Scorpio the Scorpion
  • Chip & Skip the Hedgehogs
  • Timon the Meerkat & Pumbaa the Warthog
  • Boggy B the Worm
  • Mordecai the Jay & Rigby the Raccoon
  • The Rahkshi
    • Turahk the Wolf
    • Guurahk the Wolf
    • Lerahk the Wolf
    • Panrahk the Wolf
    • Vorahk the Wolf
    • Kurahk the Wolf
  • Metal Patricia
  • Hank J. Wimbleton the Werehog
  • Sanford the Echidna
  • Mecha Deimos
  • The Angry Birds
    • Red Bird the Cardinal
    • Blue Bird the Bluebird
    • Yellow Bird the Canary
    • Black Bird the Greater Antilles Bullfinch
    • White Bird the Chicken
    • Boomerang Bird the Toucan
    • Big Brother Bird the Cardinal
    • Orange Bird the Oriole
    • Pink Bird the Galah
  • Layla the FoxSkunk



Key EventsEdit

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