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Sonic Y
Willaca's Comic Issue 1 is the first comic in Willaca's continuity (not counting the Pilot Issue). It is also the first ever comic Willaca has made (not counting the Pilot Issue).

Care-full Rudeness Warning
The following Article, Comic or Section may contain content that may be offensive to some viewer's.
Issue 1 part 1
Sonic Y


Script (For Part 1)Edit

Will: Alright is the teleporter working?

Mech: I was working a week ago can't you remember?

Will: Oh yeah.... Where's hard @$$

Mech: Don't worry he's here now

Altar: Sorry I was late brothers, one of my student's needed help with a contract

Will: HA! he's proabaly needy for attention

Mech: Like the time Amy didn't get that really dry joke of your's?

(Start of Flashback) Will: Do you get it? Do you get it? Do you get it? Do you get it? Do you get it?


Will: ........ Your jokes suck

Mech: Ooooo shame

Will: Shut the hell up where are you? (End of flashback)

Will: Shut ya freakin' mouth

Mech: You shut ya freakin' mouth

Altar: Guys this is no time for acting immature. We have to find Amy so she doesn't think Will is dead anymore

Will: Don't tell me what todo what is this bro?

Altar: [Whacks Will up-side the head] cut it out

Will: Oh kay. Oi small fry turn it on

Mech: What-cha call me?

Will: A small fry wat-cha gonna do?

Mech: I'll come there and slap the spagonian outta you

Will: Come here and say that to my face!

Sonic Unleashed Music - Apotos Day - Windmill Isle Act 205:04

Sonic Unleashed Music - Apotos Day - Windmill Isle Act 2

Music for all of part 1

Altar: Oh my god [turns teleporter on]

Will: Woah trippy

Mech: Aww man l'm gonna be sick

Altar: Anyone else got a head-ache?

Issue 1 part 2
Sonic Y number 1.2


Script (For Part 2)Edit

Shadow: Hmm there he is
For True Story (feat. Everett Bradley) - Second Sonic vs02:32

For True Story (feat. Everett Bradley) - Second Sonic vs. Shadow Battle Theme from Sonic Adventure 2

Music for Part 2 (Panals 1-6)

Tails: Remember you have to get the chaos emeralds fast!

Sonic: Yeah Yeah I know

Shadow: (Aww man I was supposed to kick him in the head)

Sonic: Shadow what are you doing here?

Shadow: The chaos emeralds are mine!

Sonic: No there mine!

Shadow: Shutup there mine!

Sonic: No there mine!

Shadow: Sssshhhuuuttttuuuppp there mine!

Sonic: Fine we'll race to see who own's them

Tails: Yo what's going on?

Sonic: Shadow's being needy for a race as usual

Shadow: Hay shutup!

Sonic: You Shutup

Shadow: No you shutup

Sonic: Hey look there's Rouge

Shadow: Where?

Sonic: Aah made you look


Sonic: Dang Shadow got em' before me
Metallic Madness Bad Future (JPN PAL) - Sonic the Hedgehog CD Music Extended30:00

Metallic Madness Bad Future (JPN PAL) - Sonic the Hedgehog CD Music Extended

Music for panal 7 (Part 2)

Tails: By the looks of how p!$$ed he is. This is going to be a big Chaos Control

Tails: Wow I was right

Knuckles: We should move. Looks like it's coming in fast

Tails: Nahh we'll be okay

Knuckles: I ment towards it. We can't leave Sonic by himself. Who knows where he's going

Tails: Yeah come on lets go... Amy come on lets go

Tails: Amy come on lets go

Knuckles: What's up with her?

Tails: I don't know. She's been like this for along time now. She hasen't been talking to anyone even Sonic. Hope it's no biggy.

Sonic: Woah where am I? This place looks kinda familar... Hmm mabey if i take a run around this place I'll remember.... Looks kinda like the place from Crazy Taxi

Will: Aww man am I glad to get outta there

Mech: Alright according to the map she's somewhere in Station Square

Will: Hmm... I wonder where that place is

Altar: Uhh guy's there's a sign there

Will: Oh right anyone have a plan?
Sonic Adventure03:14

Sonic Adventure

Music for part 2 panals 8-10

Altar: Let's split up that way we could find Amy

Mech: Alright let's go

Issue 1 part 3
Sonic Y -1.3


Script For Part 3Edit

Crush Kyd's Theme Song02:10

Crush Kyd's Theme Song

Music For part 3 panals 1 to 7

Crush Kyd: Come on there's gotta be a reason why the doctors keeping me captive here.


Crush Kyd: Aww man I gotta get outta here.

Eggman: GET HIM!!!!

Eggman: You honestly think you can escape my factory?

Crush Kyd: Why are you holding me captive?

Eggman: Too capture Sonic of corce.

Crush Kyd: Why I wanna live a life of my own. I don't want to be responsible for deaths.

Eggman: Then you leave me no choice. MORE ANDRIODS!!!!

Crush Kyd: Why don't you come and face me like a man doctor!!

Eggman: I can't I'm on the toilet.
Sonic Adventure "Welcome To Station Square"03:14

Sonic Adventure "Welcome To Station Square"

Music for part 3 panal 8

Crush Kyd: That's...... Interesting.

Crush Kyd: THERE'S THE EXIT!!!!


Crush Kyd: Hmm... This must be Station Square... I have to find Sonic and tell him about Eggman's Andriod army.

Key EventsEdit

  • Team Brotherhood have split up in Station Square to look for Amy.
  • Sonic and friends are transported via chaos control to Station Square.
  • Crush Kyd escapes from EGG Industry's to live a normal life and to warn Sonic about EGG Industry's.

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