Sonic X -41

Sonic X Issue 1 Was Released In January 2009

Story Bokkun V.S Rouge Part 1

Shadow The Hedgehog (Archie): Finally A Teleport To My World Bye Guys

Sonic The Hedgehog (Sonic X): Bokkun And Rouge Really Are Enemys

Amy Rose (Sonic X): Yeah

Tikal (Sonic X): Why Are People Shipping Me With Knuckles

Charmy The Bee (Sonic X): Calm Down Tikal Some People Find It Cute

Tikal (Sonic X): But Im His Ancestor

Sonic The Hedgehog (Sonic X): Now Let's Go To The Battle Field


Rouge The Bat (Sonic X): Take This *Kisses Bokkun*

Bokkun (Sonic X): What The... *Falls*

Rouge The Bat (Sonic X): Hahaha Now I Win

Bokkun (Sonic X): Im Not Giving Up You Proted Sack Of Protoplasim

Rouge The Bat (Sonic X): Hey Why Do You Call A Lady Like That

Bokkun (Sonic X): Grr Shut Up Spindash Time

Rouge The Bat (Sonic X): Grrrr I Will Give You My OS After This Battle

To Be Continued In Sonic X Issue 42.

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