"Sonic Nega's base, probably...hmm...I wonder if he's here..." -Sonic, finding SN's base so he could get revenge.

Stuff about the RNRCEdit

Located at: on top of a big mountain on Pirate's Island Guards: EggNega Pawns, Moto Bugs, Nega Badniks, Robo-Pirates Bosses of place: Ghost Pirate, Giant Chomper, Sonic Nega Terrain: Flame Core/Cryptic Castle

Sonic Nega's Rock'n'Roll Castle ComicEdit

After Sally Acorn recovers from being shot by Sonic Nega, Sonic travels to Solbius to get revenge on Sonic Nega for hurting Tails and Sally (and himself (as in Sonic the hedgehog)). So, with help from Zonic, he finds the Rock 'n' Roll Castle, soon, he get to Sonic Nega, he battles him, and paralyzes him, with no one to help him. Sally is somewhat worried about Sonic Nega, since the only reason he's evil is because he was raised that way.

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