"Pssh..stupid hedgehog! You'll never get me! I've got brain and speed!"-Sonic Nega, insulting Sonic while escaping with The Jeweled Scepter and the Chaos Emeralds.
Sonic Nega

Sup, peeps. I'm Sonic Nega. So, hows it going?


  • Full name: Sonic Hedgehog Nega
  • Family: Eggman Nega (adopted father), Sonic (possible ancestor), Sally Acorn (possible ancestor), Mephiles the Dark (godfather), King Arthur (second spirit inside Sonic Nega), Mr. Hyde (Demonic Alter-Ego)
  • Friends: Orbot, Cubot, Scourge the Hedgehog, King Arthur
  • Age: 15
  • IQ: 300
  • Favorite Food: Chili (I couldn't find the opposite of a Chili Dog)
  • Side: Bad
  • Motto: I am Ne-wait, that line's been used a lot...hmm...lemme think of a motto...darn it, just come at me bro! *eye twitches*

Early LifeEdit

Not much is know about his early life, all that is known is that he was born on Pirate's Island, adopted by Doc Nega, and he became a sick genius. The only thing that is none is that he was son of a queen, and she and her family were captured by pirates, leaving Sonic Nega alone in the world, 'till Dr. Nega came along.
Sonic Nega Sprite

Nega's sprite.


  • Scourge the Hedgehog: Best Buds. Period.
  • Sonic the hedgehog: Negonic says it's a "friendly rivalry", but it's more of a war.
  • Blaze the Cat: His arch-nemesis.
  • Omega: He hates him.
  • Zonic the hedgehog: He thinks it's a F.R. like with Sonic.
  • Metal Sonic: He dosent really like being around Metal Sonic.
  • King Arthur: "If you give me your big sword, I'll work for ya."-Nega Sonic
  • Dr. Eggman: He likes betraying him.
  • Knuckles, Mighty, and Ray: He likes turning them into robots to do his dirty work.

Sonic Universe: Nega Sonic SagaEdit

Plot: Sonic Nega is running from the Zone Cops, and then he sees Sonic. He then throws his leather jacket at him, and The Z cops think Sonic is Nega. People in the story: Sally, Z cops, Sonic, both Negas, No Zone inmates Plot Devices: Mephiles the Dark's walking stick (used as a lock picker),The Chaos Emeralds, Zonic's helmet (used as disguise), Escape Pod.


Nega Sonic doesn't look to different from his counterpart, Sonic. The only difference is that he is much taller, like Sonic Boom Sonic, he wears a leather jacket, and has blue goggles. But, when he's in his Super State, he's in a crystallite form, with red, fiery crystals sticking out of his back and shoulders. In this state, all his clothes burn off except his goggles. In his dark state, he's a crystallite with greyish light blue crystals coming out of his back and shoulders. In his Knight state, he wears a black and purple suit of iron, with blades coming out of the shoulder pads.

The Death and Reviving of Sonic NegaEdit

One day, while fighting Blaze and Sonic, Sonic kicked SN into a pit, where he died. But, his Mr. Hyde counter-part and King Arthur revived him. Soon, he came back more powerful than ever!


Like his father Dr. Nega, Sonic is blood thirsty and untrustworthy. But, sometimes, he can be polite, remorseful, and happy. His personality is hard to understand, which makes it impossible to tell which side he's on. This makes it easy for him to destroy people.

Sonic Universe: The Blaze the cat and Sonic Nega Team-up SagaEdit

  • Comic One: "The Sol Chronicles-Part One"
  • Comic Two: "A Friendly Foe"
  • Comic Three: "Nega vs. Nega: Fight for the Sol Emeralds"
  • Comic Four: "The Sol Chronicles-Part Two: Dark Gaia's Temple"
  • Plot: While in a battle, Blaze and Sonic Nega stumble upon a small piece of a stone map, written in The Ancient's handwriting. Soon, it's a race against time as SN and Blaze try to find all the pieces of the map, and find the mysterious treasure.
  • Characters:
  1. Blaze...well, duh.
  2. Sonic Nega
  3. Sol Gaia (Dark Gaia in the Sol Zone)
  4. Dr. Nega
  5. Fiona Fox
  6. Scourge
  7. Sir Ganieslot (Sol Zone Lancelot)
  8. Metal Sonic 3.0 (real person in Sonic's game universe)
  • Plot Devices
  1. Sol Emeralds
  2. Gaia's Keys
  3. Emerald Gaia Statue
  4. A horde of Chao...>:)
  5. Metal SN's head
  6. SN's computer-visor thingy
  7. Island in the shape of a whale

Theme Song(s)Edit

  • Endless Possibilities
  • E.G.G.M.A.N.
  • Dreams of Absolution
  • Star Wars Theme
  • Attack on Titan theme
(Note: these songs are based on his personality)
Sonic Nega Singing!

He's a Rockstar...hmm...maybe he is one...hmm...

Sonic Nega and Tails Doll's Quest to steal Knuckles' GameCubeEdit

One day, TD and SN saw Knux playing his GameCube, and they wanted to play on it. So, when they heard Knuckles is going to Dracula's Castle for the weekend, Tails Doll and Sonic Nega have to climb the Ending's Tree, run through the Twisting Hallway, and fight the three headed hound of Hades, Cerberus. Soon, they find the GameCube, but they have to beat Metal Sonic first. After they steal it, they play all of Kunx's games and enjoy it so much they make their own game, called Sonic Nega and Tails Doll's Quest to steal Knuckles' GameCube.


  • It is possible that Sonic Nega is the descendent of Sonic The Hedgehog.
  • Even thought it says he's a Mobian, he's really a Solbian.
  • It is possible Metal Sonic 3.0 (aka Metal Sonic Nega) is a robotized version of Sonic Nega.
  • Nega Sonic or Sonic Nega's name can be said both ways, like his father Eggman Nega.
  • Sonic, Scourge, and Sonic Nega are all counterpart-related to each other.
  • Sonic and Nega Sonic's real names are Sonic.
  • Sonic Nega is not a villain but he is a supervillain.
  • Sonic Nega is not a recolor, he's an alternate reality villain.
  • Sonic Nega may be a altered version of Blaze, since Blaze is the Sonic of The Sol Dimension.


  • I'll get you next time!-Losing and retreating
  • You may be as fast as me, but your not as smart!-racing Sonic
  • Gahahahahaha!! I WIN! HA! Winning at something
  • Darn you, you stupid cat! Losing against Blaze
  • Say hello to my little ARMY! Showing Blaze and Sonic his army of Robo-Pirates
  • Blaze! Sonic! Go! I'll handle the invaders!
  • Your a bit too late, Father. Finding the secret treasure before Dr. Nega
  • You win. Him losing to someone
  • Sonic vs. Zone Cops! This is too exciting!
  • Robo-Pirates, AAATTTACKKK!!!
  • If Sliver wins, I'll be finished! I have to beat him! Luckily, The final trial is a race! Gahahahahaha! During the final part of the Epic Trials of Epicness


Mecha Sonic Nega

His evil bodyguard, Mechnaga.

Sonic Nega's Extreme Gear

Sonic Nega's Extreme Gear.

Underking Sonic Nega

The king of undertakers, Sonic Nega!!

All will end...for I am the end!!

His Rosolbian form.

SonAze Nega

SonAze Nega, my own shipping. Amazing.

Dark Shadow Iblis and Sonic Nega

Team Darkness: Iblis the hedgehog,Dark Shadow Android, and their leader: Sonic Nega.

Sonic Nega's Comic starring Mina Mongoose

Sonic Nega's OWN comic? What has he done with Sonic?? Find out in this chilling, thrilling, action packed comic, starring the greatest singer Mobius has ever known: Mina Mongoose!

Muhahahaha I have a stick

Sonic Nega and Tails Doll's quest to steal Knuckles' GameCube.

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