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Kid Sally: Who are they?

Keaona: I'm Keaona!

Lilly: And I'm Lilly!

Kid Sonic: Way past cool! They must be your brother and sister!

Rose: Not really Keaona is my cousion and Lilly is my friend!

Keaona: Hey little dude!

Kid Sonic: Who are you calling little?

Keaona: You look just like Sonic!

Kid Sonic: I am Sonic dumbo!

Rose: It's a long story!

(Rose explains that the Freedom Fighters are robotized)

Lilly: So you want us to help your boyfirend and your sister?

Kid Sally: Your my sister?! (Looks at Rose)


Everyone else: YEAH!

Editor: In the past

Mecha Sonic: Hey, Sal! This is boring! Let attack everyone!

Mecha Sally: Lets ask our leader!

(Mecha Sonic and Sally walk up to Eggman)

Mecha Sonic: Can we stop?

Eggman: NO! Look for those brats and that wolf!

Mecha Sally: But, master. We've looked everywhere!

Eggman: N-O SPELLS NO! 

(More coming soon)

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