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Editor: Last time on Sonic Mobius, Sonic and Sally met up with the famous Ren and Stimpy. When Blaze and Silver told the Fighters the news about Eggman going into the past and robotizing the kid versions of Sonic, Sally and the rest of the Freedom Fighters. Sonic and the gang have to stop the Egghead before it's too late!

Stimpy: Guys wait!

Sonic and the Freedom Fighters: (Disaper)

Stimpy: I hope they are ok!

Editor: Meanwhile in the past

Kid Sonic: Look at these chumps! (runs up to Sonic) 

Sonic: Huh.

Kid Sonic: You seem familiar!

Sally: I us! Remember? Me, Alice and Juice.

Kid Sonic: Wait! You saved me and my girlfriend... I mean friend! (Blushes)

Sonic: Kid, in your future, you and Sally might be lucky in love!

Kid Sally: Doubt it!

Kid Sally: Once again, Sally steals MY line!

Tails: (Looks at Rose) Thank goodness we wern't like them lot.

Rose: Anyway, Sonic. Why did you lie about your name being juice?

Kid Sonic: You mean, that's my future self?

Sonic: You blown it now Rose!

Kid Sonic: Your my future self?

Sonic: Yes...

Kid Sonic: Ew, Gross!

Blaze: No time for fun and games now! Eggman has arrived!

Kid Sonic: Your a worry-guts!

Blaze: We are saving you life here! 

Kid Sonic: Freak!

Blaze: Come here you little brat! (Chases after Sonic)

Sonic: (Looks at Sally) Good times, eh?

Sally: (Looks at Sonic) Yep, they were!

Eggman: Sonic, Sally, Tails, Rose and Blaze. What a suprise!

Sonic: Egghead!

Eggman: Give me the brats!

Sonic: NO!

Eggman: NOW! Or I'll robotize you!

Sonic: We'll all get robotized if you take the kids!


Blaze: Nice work Sonic!

Sonic: No wonder your my ex-girlfriend!

Eggman: (Takes Sonic and his friends to the robotizer.)

Sonic: I guess this is your 3rd time getting robotized!*

Editor: See Sonic the Hedgehog issues 230 and 29

Sally: Yep!

Sonic: Could i just say that I love you before we get robotized.

Sally: Ok.

Sonic: I love you.

Eggman: True love! Now shut up and get into the robotizer. (Eggman robotizes Sonic, Sally, Tails, Silver and Blaze) Now you Rose!

Rose: (Gets into the robotizer and Eggman tries to robotize her, but fails)

Eggman: WHAT?!

Rose: Fool! I'm already a robot! (Runs away)

Eggman: Mecha Fighters! GET HER! 


Mecha Sally: We've got you now!

Rose: (Frees the kids and talks to them) Come on!

Kid Sonic: I am not looking forward for my future! (Runs with Rose and Kid Sally)

Mecha Tails: We've lost them!

Mecha Blaze: We should take a break!

Mecha Sally, Sonic and Silver: Agreed!

Rose: (Returns to the future!)

Stimpy: What happend?

Rose: Sonic's gotten robotized!

Ren: Great!

Rose: So had Sally, Blaze, Tails and Silver!

Ren: I love Blaze!

Stimpy: We've gotta save them!

Rose: We can! 

Kid Sonic: Me and Sal can help!

Stimpy: Your a bit too young!

Kid Sally: Your young too!

Rose: I suppose you two can tag along!

Kid Sonic and Sally: YES!

Keaona: Us too!

Rose: (Looks behind her back) huh?

Too be continued

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