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About Sonic Mobius

Sonic, Sally, Tails and Rose Wolf are back in their 2nd comic. The comic features Ren and Stimpy, Nickolden and video game characters on the SEGA genesis. Sonic Mobius also stars some fan characters including, Rose Wolf, Lilly, Busters, Keona and any of requests. 


Stimpy: Look Ren! (Pionts at Sonic and Sally)

Ren: Yeah, just what we need more stupeed eediots.

Stimpy: Don't be like that Ren. They are super heroes.

Sonic: (Runs past Ren and Stimpy)

Stimpy: Wait!

Sonic: (Runs back to Stimpy) Hi there!

Sally: What's the matter?

Stimpy: Your the famous Sonic and Sally!

Sally: The top Freedom Fighters....

Sonic: And the most romantic couple!

Ren: They are a couple?

Stimpy: Yep! You don't read the Sonic's Comic issues, so you don't know!

Sally: I see your a fan!

Ren: Wait a minute! You cheated on Blaze!*

Editor: *Sonic's Comic issue 9,10 and 11

Sonic: She's in love with SilveR!

Ren: Yeah! You loved Blaze first!

Stimpy: Actually, he loved Sally first! As he unrobotized her and dated her*

Editor: *Sonic's Comic issue 1-6

Stimpy: Then he married her and they had children**

Editor: ** Sonic's Comic issue 10-14

Sonic: You really are a big fan!

Sally: Hey! Why don't you too become Freedom Fighters!

Stimpy: Really!?

Ren: Don't Stimpy! I can't be seen with these two!

Stimpy: I might be fun! I joining!

Sally: Great! We'll take you guys to your rooms!

Stimpy: Oh joy!

(Sonic and Sally takes Ren and Stimpy to their rooms)

Tails: (Runs to Sonic and Sally) SONIC!! AUNT SALLLY!

Sonic: Hey little buddy!

Tails: Hey! New fighters! (Looks closer) Wait! Your the NickToons number 1 show! Ren and Stimpy!

Sally: Stimpys a big fan of the comics you write!

Ren: That fox writes those comics? (faints)

Rose: (Walks up) And I help Tails!

Stimpy: Your Tails girlfriend!*

Editor: *Sonic's Comic issue 6-14

Rose: The one and only!

Cream: What about me!?

Rose: The second one and only. That ok?

Cream: Better!

Blaze: SONIC! Silver just told me the news!

Silver: Eggman has been sucked into the past!

Sonic: So?

Blaze: He will try to robotize us when we're younger, so we will be robotized now!

Sally: Something about that plan reminds me of when me and Sonic were teenagers*!

Editor:* Sonic SAtam Season 2, episode 5.

Blaze: You remember too much!

Silver: No time for fights! Lets meet up with Eggman and stop him from robotizing us!

Sonic: That's a great plan! (Looks at Stimpy) Sorry you can't come! Same with your mosquito friend!

Ren: I heard that!

Sonic: SHADOW!!

Shadow: What! 

Sonic: Chaos Controll us! NOW!


Stimpy: I have a bad feeling about this!

Editor: To be continued.... 

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