So it all started when Nikki the hedgehog was 12 years old. Her mother, Serena, had taught her the power of pyrokinetics. As a little girl, Nikki would always take advantage of using her powers and light stuff on fire. A few years later, she finally learned how to use them wisely. Her father, Ferdinand, then taught her how to manage her superspeed. Superspeed was the one thing Nikki always wanted to learn how to use. Then, it was the power of using the sol emeralds. The power of the sol emeralds was a great power Nikki had, but then something horrible happened.

Nikki: *spins and shoots fire torpedo at target*

  • Serena: Good job Nikkell.
  • Nikki: Thanks mom. *wipes sweat off of head*
  • Serena: I can tell you've been practicing. Now, head on upstairs and get ready for bed.
  • Nikki: Yes mother. *runs upstairs to her bedroom* Hmm hmm hm.
  • Door: *knock knock*
  • Nikki: Come in!
  • Ferdinand: *walks in* How's my little darling?
  • Nikki: I'm great father.
  • Ferdinand: Well, I finally reclaimed the sol emeralds back from Eggman Nega. Now we can practice transporting places with the sol emeralds tomorrow.
  • Nikki: But I already know how to do that.
  • Ferdinand: Well, you might forget. I don't want you trying one day and messing up.
  • Nikki: But FATHERRRRR!! I can, just-
  • Ferdinand: No buts, you don't know how to transport correctly, and I will teach you. *walks out*
  • Nikki: Ugh! *sighs and closes door* I'll show you transporting.

That Night....

Nikki went to the garden with the fire lilies, the jewel scepter, and the seven sol emeralds.

  • Nikki: I will show them I can transport. Sol-!
  • Ferdinand: Nikkell, what are you doing?!
  • Nikki: I'm going to prove to you I can transport!
  • Ferdinand: No! You don't know how to use all seven at the same time! It will-
  • Nikki: SOL CONTROL!!!!

Sol emeralds suddenly begin to form a portal, sucking Nikki inside.

  • Nikki: AAHHH!!!
  • Ferdinand: Nikkell!!
  • Nikki: Help me! *gets sucked in a portal disappears*
  • Sol emeralds: *turn all black*
  • Ferdinand: Oh no....

To be continued

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