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Sonic Archie Comic: Eggman Means Trouble. is a upcoming comic of sonic archie Comics.

Comic Events Edit

  • Tails Gets Kidnapped by the G.U.N Truck
  • Mephiles Steals The Master Emerald And gets Away with it
  • Hannible Sneaks into Sonic,Tails,Amy and Chris' House

Plot Edit

In the Beginning of The comic, Hannible Sneaks into The House Where Sonic and His Freinds Live, He Puts a Bag on Tails And Throws him Into the G.U.N Truck, At 8:30 Sonic and His Freinds Wake up, Chris Is the First one To know Tails is gone, They search Everywhere But No sign Of tails. However. They found Hannible's Footprints, Indicating That he must've Got mud on his feet when he was Creeking on The lawn. Tails wakes Up, He Finds Out He's In Eggman's Egg factory, Surrounded by Eggman, Hannible and sonic nega. he Wanted to escape, But The ropes Were too Strong, Meanwhile, Mephiles Steals The master emerald Without Getting caught, and Gets away With it, Sonic gets A call from Tails saying he's been kidnapped and The master emerald was stolen, They beat up All the villains Trapping them.

Quotes Edit

Hannible: Better be Silent if I wanna Go in There.

Tails: (Muffled Shouting)

Hannible: *Takes bag Off Of Tails* Get in There You Little Peep!


(Door Slams shut)

Tails: (Cries)


Chris: Where's Tails?

Sonic: I don't Know

Amy: He Must have Woken up Early

Sonic: Look Outside!

Amy: Hey Those Footprints Look Like Hannible's.

All: (GASP) It was Hannible!

MEANWHILE (Yet again)

Mephiles: Haha! Its all Mine!

Mephiles: Hey I got The Master emerald!

Eggman: Yes! Mission Acomplish!

Hannible: You said it Eggman!

Sonic: Not quite

All villains: Oh no.....

(Crashing sounds)

Eggman: Mission failed.

Beta Content Edit

  • Tom and Jerry Are supposed to be in The comic.
  • Topaz Was Supposed to Be the main Character.

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