Sonic Cable Eggcar Chaos is A comic In Sonic Archie Comics.

Key Events Edit

  • Turbo The Snail Gets Chased By a Rampaging Nega Egg Pawn
  • Sonic Gets Put In Jeopardy After A Fully successful Mission Becomes a Wild-Live Disaster
  • Tails Gets His First Bruise

Plot Edit

At the Start of The Comic, Turbo Gets Chased By A Nega Egg Pawn On a Rampage, Sonic Destroys it By Hitting It on The Head, And Then It Blows Up, However, It turns Into A Winds Storm, It Flings Tails Into The Air, Giving Him a Bruise on His Leg. He lies Down, Wakes Up, Finds Out He is in The Chaos Hospital, Surrounded By his Freinds, By the Time He Wakes Up, a Cast Is now On His leg, Back At the Egg Factory, Dr. Eggplankton Plans To Destroy Sonic And his Freinds, But He Needed some Asistants, Eggman Does The Alert System If Sonic Stepped On The X, Redbot Would Drop A Bucket On Sonic's Head, Sonic Nega Would Push him Into The Trap of Leaves and Cover it. Meanwhile Back At the House, Sonic Goes To See How Tails Is doing, But, He Successes The Plan By Stepping On the X, Redbot Drops a The Bucket on Sonic's Head, But He escapes With The Bucket on his Head, In The corner Of The Street, Alley dogs Pever Seeing Sonic, They Pounce On him, And Start Beating Him Up, Sonic's Freinds Come To See Sonic With Tails, They Find Sonic On The Footpath All beaten up. Sonic Was glad He was Found, they Find out That Tails Was Revived, And Ready To Fight. They Come to Eggman Beat him Up and Tie them up.

Characters Edit

Couple Appearnces Edit

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