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About issueEdit

Story 1

Sonic Marries Sally Part 1: Sonic and Sally are talking about their relationship (SonAlly). Sally tells Sonic about Knuckles and Sonia having babies.Meanwhile Blaze watches them.Sonic tells Sally to follow him.Blaze follows them too. Blaze sees them go in a shop soon Blaze see's Sonic and Sally.Sonic gives Sally a Wedding Ring and asks "Will you marry me?" Blaze soon cries, and Sally says "yes". Sonic and Sally run off together as Blaze cries. Silver sees Blaze and helps her. Blaze tells him that Sally and Sonic are going to marry.Silver tells her that he will be her boyfriend. Blaze agrees and they both kiss.

Story 2Edit

Fiona meets Sally


Sally: We have been together for a long time*

Editor: Their love started in Archie Sonic Comic issue 1!

Sonic: Yeah!

Sally: Have you heard that Knuckles married Sonia and had a baby

Sonic: Yeah, my sister has got married! I am so happy!

Sally: You know I was wondering who you love the most.

Sonic: What?

Sally: Me and Blaze.Who do you love the most?

(Blaze sees them)

Sonic: You Sal,You!

Blaze: What?!

Sally: Really!?

Sally:Yep, even though I attacked the city as a robot?

Sonic:You got unroboticized*

Editor: From Sonic's Comic issue 1

Sonic: In fact, I even loved you then!

(Sally hugs Sonic)

Blaze: There she is stealing my boyfriend again*

Editor: From SonSalAze comics by User:Sly the Fox

Sonic: Follow Me!

Sally: Why?

Sonic: Just Follow me!

(Sonic picks up Sally)

Sonic: Or should I take you?

(Sonic runs off with Saly)

Blaze: Hmmmm....... I better follow him!

(Blaze runs after Sonic)

Blaze: There they are!

(Blaze goes up to the window and sees them)

Blaze: What?!

Sonic: Sally, please marry me

Blaze: No!

Saly: Yes!

(Blaze starts crying)

Blaze: SONIC! SONIC! Sonic. Sonic...

Sally: Let's go on a date!

Sonic: Yeah!

(Sonic runs off with Sally)

Blaze: He loves her more then me and he is going to marry her!

Silver: Blaze?

Blaze: Leave me alone!

Silver: Are you okey?

Blaze: Sonic.....

Silver: Sonic?

Blaze: He loves Sally!

Silver: So he loves you too!

Blaze:He loves her more he's going to marry her!

Silver: Yeah you can't marry 2 people

Blaze: Nobody loves me.

Silver: Blaze... I do.

Blaze: Really?

Silver:Really, Really!

Blaze: So want go out?

Silver: Okay!

(Silver hugs Blaze them runs with her)

Editor: So, has Blaze broken up with Sonic and loved Silver? Find out in the next issue!

JjjnnPicture 2 Sonally and Sonaze Fan Forever SA 18:45, September 18, 2012 (UTC)

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