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Story 1

In the first story. Eggman finds out the Freedom Fighters hide-out. He kindernaps Amy. Amy wouldn't tell him what he wanted her to say so Eggman gets Amy robotazised her.Meanwhile Sonic,Sally and Tails are hanging out talking about stuff.Someone tells Sonic that Eggman made something more powerful then him.Sally and Tails want to come with Sonic says "No" Beacause they might die.Sonic soon runs off without Sally and Tails.Sonic attacks the Death Egg and the robots.Sonic says "I have won again Eggman!" while hey says it Mecha Amy tries to attack him Sonic is too fast though he then does a Sonic spin and chops her head off.Sonic soon fins out that she was not like Silver Sonic she was ROBOTAZISEDSonic tells Sally but she starts crying and says that Amy was her best friend even though they had that big fight.

Story 2

Sonic LOLS!


Amy: Ok Sally we have made up

Sally: Ok see you later!

Sonic: So your friends now!

Sally: Yep

Tails: Eggman is not doing anything today!

Sonic: That means we can be as lazy as we like!

Rose: Hey Tails!

Tails:Hey Rose!

Rose: You don't mind, but, I'm coming round my friends party. And I might be late for our date!

Tails: Ok! When does it end?

Rose: 6.45pm


(Rose runs away)

Tails:Sorry I can't stay guys! But I'm on a date!

(Eggman see's Amy)

Amy: Eggman!

(Eggman grabs her)

Amy: AHH!

Amy:Let go of me you freak!

Editor:Eggmans place

Eggman: Tell me all you know about the Freedom Fighters

Amy: Never!

Eggman: Take her to the robotaziser!


(Robot grabs Amy and throws her in the robotaziser)

Amy: The monster!

Eggman: HA HA! Well be wise and tell me everything next time!

(Amy gets robotazised)

Mecha Amy: beep.

Editor: Back at Sonic's place


Sonic:I knew it!

Sally:Let me come with you!

Tails: Me too!

Sonic: No, this is too dangerous! And I don't want you to die!

Sally:I'm older then you!

Sonic: But I love you!

Tails:Sally,He is a better and faster then you

Sally:Ok. Good luck Sonic!

Sonic:Ok Sal!

(Sonic runs off)

Eggman:It's Sonic!

Sonic:Hey Eggman

Eggman:How did you get here so Fast!

Sonic:Sonic's my name speeds my game!

(Sonic attacks Eggman and robots)

Sonic:What do you know? I won again!

Mecha Amy:Attack hedgehog!

Sonic:More fun for me!

(Sonic chops off Amys head)

Sonic:I won,I won,I.... Wait that is the real Amy!

Eggman:You've killed her!

Soni:c Oops!

Sonic:I'm outta here!

(Sonic runs back to Sally)

Sally:You won!

Sonic:Yeah kinda!

Sallly:What do you mean "kinda" what happend?

Sonic:Well Amy's robotazised then I killed her

Sally:You killed her?

Sonic:I did not mean it

(Sally starts crying)

Sally:She was my best friend


Sally:Well I hope she will rest in peace

Sonic:I don't love her but... me too.... me too.

Editor:Amy's gone! And yes she is resting in peace

Sally:I'll never forget you Amy.

(Sally starts crying again)

JjjnnPicture 2 Sonally and Sonaze Fan Forever SA 21:26, September 14, 2012 (UTC)

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