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March 2004

About issueEdit

Rose Wolf and Cream are dating with Tails. While they date Sonic and Sally have problems.Sonic bit Sally's sister and turned her into a werewolf.Two storys in 1 issue!


  • Tails goes on date
  • Sally finds out Sonic's Secret
  • Tails enjoys the date
  • Rose and Cream are Tails girlfriends
  • Sally does not breack up with Sonic after he tells her the secret
  • Sonic turns into a werehog


Story 1 scriptEdit

Tails: 2 girlfriends! I'm am like Sonic!*

Editor: *Sonic loves Sally and Blaze

Rose: I wonder if the date goes well

Cream:I'm so happy!


Rose: Tails!

Tails: Where is Cream

(Cream runs up to them)

Cream:I'm over here!

Tails: lets go!

(They run up to a cafe)

Tails: Here we are!

Rose: It's so posh!

Cream:I wonder what they serve?

(Tails looks menu)

Tails: Oh boy! Dead rabbit!

Rose: Tasty!

Cream:Dead rabbit?!

(Cream cries)

Tails:Wolfs head! Even better

Rose: *ahem*

Tails: Oh! Sorry Cream, Sorry Rose!

Rose: Don't worry it's ok! Right Cream.

Cream: *sniff* yeah.

(Rose looks and see's Shadow and Amy then she sighs Tails see's them next)

Tails: Hey look! It's Amy!

Cream: Hey Amy!

Rose:And Shadow!

Tails:Rose! Your hairs longer

Rose: Oh, My hair grows really fast!

Tais: Cool!

(Rose and Tails laugh)

Editor: Wait a second! Sonic has not been here yet!

Sonic: Thank you editor!

(Sally opens door)

Sally: Sonic, whats up?

Sonic: Somthing, I should of told you before you was a robot

Sally: I'm unrobotazised now, so, please tell me, you look sad.

Sonic: You know your sister

Sally: What, you don't like her?

Sonic: No! It's just, that werewolf was kinda.... me

Sally: You bit her?

(Sonic nods head then starts crying)

Sonic: I'm really sorry Sally!

Sally: Sorry?I don't really care!

Sonic: You don't care she's a werewolf!

Sally: No! She says that it is fun being one anyway!

Sonic: Really?

Sally: She says that it makes her faster and more powerful!

Sonic:So your happy?

Saly: If my sisters happy, I'm happy

Sonic: So your ok with it?

Sally: Yes, were you listing

Sonic: Well, I'm a werehog at night!

Sally:Well the truth is I am one too!

Sonic: Really!

Sally: My sister did the same thing as you she bit me!

(Tails knocks the door)

Sally: Hello!

Tails: Hi Sal!

Cream: Best day of my life!

Rose: Yeah!

Tails: So what did you do?

(Sonic and Sally look at eachother)

Sonic and Sally: Nothing Tails, Nothing!

JjjnnPicture 2 Sonally and Sonaze Fan Forever SA 20:43, September 13, 2012 (UTC)

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