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Story 1

Story one is called Why is a true love true?. In the story Tails meets Rose Wolf. Tails soon falls in love with her.Cream finds out and she gets upset she tells Blaze. Blaze tells her that the same thing happend with Sonic and Sally. Cream and Blaze see Sonic and Sally and ask them if they know anything about it.Rose sees Sally and runs up to her. They soon find out that Rose was Sally but she got bitten by a werewolf. Her name was Rose Acorn but now it is Rose Wolf.Cream and Blaze leave but Tails and Rose run up to Cream and Tails says that she could join there date. Rose and Cream become friends and Tails loves them both. Even that Boyfriend Stealer.

Story 2

There is a new story called Sonic's LOLS! witch is like Sonic off panel . It is always a short funny, story in Sonic LOLS


Story 1 script

Tails: Finally. I found somone that loves me! Fiona went back with Scrouge so now I have Cream*!

Editor: *From Issue 1

Cream: This time this day is all about love!

Editor: Most of the issues are

Tails: Now I have to wait for Cre...!

Rose Wolf: Oh Hi!

Tails: Hello!

Cream: Who the heck is her!

Tails: So whats you name?

Rose Wolf: Rose,Rose Wolf! And you are?

Tails: Tails,Miles Tails Prower!

Rose Wolf: Your funny!

(Tails follows Rose Wolf)

Rose Wolf: You are cool!

Tails: You are way past cool!

Rose Wolf: Sonic says that. Doesent he?

Tails: Yep! All the time

(Tails kisses Rose Wolf)

Cream: No!

(Cream starts crying)

Tails: So do you want to go out?

Cream: What?!

Rose Wolf: Ok!

Cream: Tails....

(Cream runs into Blaze)

Blaze: Whats up Cream?

Cream:Boyfriend Stealer

(Blaze and Cream go up to Sonic and Sally)

Blaze: Do you know anything about Rose Wolf?

Sally: Rose Wolf?

(Sonic tries to sneak out)

Sally: Sonic!

Sonic: Alright, I'll stay!

Cream: (Whispers) Whats up with Sonic?

Blaze: (Whispers) I don't know

Sonic: I don't know anything and Sally does not too! Bye!

(Sally looks at Sonic)

Sally: Wait up Sonic!

(Sally runs after Sonic)

Rose: Did I just see my sister?

Cream: Sally's your sister?

Rose: Yep

(Rose runs into the house)

Sally: Sonic you acting very strange.Why?

(Sally see's Rose)

Sally: And who are you?

Rose: Rose Wolf

Sonic: She looks a bit like you Sal.

Rose: You forgotten about me

Sally: Rose Wolf, Do I know you? I know Rose Acorn but she got bitten by a werewolf and she...

Rose: I got bitten by a werewolf

Sally: Wait it is you

(Sally hugs Rose then lets go of her)

Sally: Meet our chilldren

(Sonia Acorn and ManiK Acorn come)

Sally: Sonia,Manik meet Rose

Sonia: Rose?

Manik: It's Sally sister!

Soina: Oh, hi!

Manik: Hello!

(Sonic goes up to his bedroom)

Sonic: Should I tell Sally it was me who bit her sister

Sonic: Mabey not.

Sonic: I should!

Sonic: I should not!

Sonic: What shoud I do?!

Sonic: I'll tell her tommorow

(Rose walks out)

Rose: Bye Sis!

Cream: Hi Rose!

Rose: I'm sorry I stole Tails from you

Cream: How did you kn...

Rose: I heard you!

Cream: So do you want to be friends?

Rose: Ok!

Tails: I am sorry Cream

Cream: who you love?

Tails: Both of you!

Cream: Lets get on with the date

Tails: Can Rose come too

Cream: Ok!

Tails: This is going to be great!

Editor: Will Sally find out Sonic's Secret will Rose and Cream get on? Find out in the next issue

JjjnnPicture 2 Sonally and Sonaze Fan Forever SA 18:53, September 12, 2012 (UTC)

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