IDW Sonic's Comic -23

Sonic's Comic issue 22 Sonic's Comic issue 24

Who is Bill and who is his Parents? Edit

Sonic: I hate Rose Wolf!

Amy: Me too, she puts too many love stories in our comic, what is she Ken Penders?

Julie-Su: Hi guys

Ken Penders: Wanna get sued, IDW?

Julie-Su: Oh shit!, gotta get back

*door knocking*

Tails: I hope it's my girlfriend

Sonic: I think it's not Rose Wolf, you bitch!

*Sonic opens the door*

Bill: I'm looking for my parents

Sonic: Sorry Bill. but we don't know who your parents are

At G.U.N.

*door knocking*

CEO of G.U.N: Who could it be?

*CEO of G.U.N opens the door*

Bill: Have you seen my parents?

CEO of G.U.N: Parents?, this is not place to talk about where your parents are, now. GET OUT BILL!

*kicks Bill out of G.U.N*

Bill: You bitch!, i will get revenge on you someday!

At Vanilla's House

*door knocking*

Vanilla: Who could it be?

*opens the door*

Bill: M-mom?

Vanilla; Bill!, i'm so glad to see you after almost 12 years

Bill: Um.. mom, who is that child

Vanilla: That's your younger sister, Cream

Cream: Hi Bill, i have heard how you were devided by your father

Bill: Devided by my father?

Cream: Yeah, he hated you because you were turned into a hedgehog by liquid from 2012, that's why you were taken care of by Vector the Crocodile.

Bill: Yeah, he was like a father to me


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