Sonic's Comic issue 17 Sonic's Comic issue 19
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Sally: Geoffrey is in prison

Sonic: Good! He was a pain!

Sally: He seemed to have been controlled by something.

Sonic:How do you know?

Sally: It's been singned Ixis Naugus.

Sonic: I remember him! That ixis naugus destroyed the city. I beated him and he sworn revenge on me!

Sally: He also had a solo emerald. Be very careful..

Sonic: Sal! Careful is my middle name!

Sally: I thought it was speed!

(Sonic snatchs Solo emerald)

Sonic: See nothing happend, it's fine!

(Sonic drops it)

Sonic: Erm.. what happends when we drop it?

Sally: SONIC!!

(Sonic gets blasted into time)

Sonic: Whoah!

(Sonic looks behind him)

Sonic: Hey thats when Sally got robotized! *

Editor: *Sonic Archie Issue 230

Sonic: Thats me and Sally dating!**

Editor: **Sonic Archie Issue 222

Sonic: Thats when me and Tails broke up our friendship! ***

Editor: ***Sonic Archie Issue 178

Sonic: That was sure my birthday bash!****

Editor: **** Sonic Archie Issue 160

Sonic: I remember coming back from space*****

Editor: ***** Sonic Archie Issue 130

Sonic: Antoher birthday bash! The gang made it a blast!******

Editor: ****** Archie Sonic Issue 68

Sonic: Me being robotized! That was a rubbish time to remember!*******

Editor: *******Archie Sonic Issue 39

Sonic: Me and Tails meeting Knuckles! That was an ugly sight!********

Editor: ******** Archie Sonic Issue 13

Sonic: I remember having a speech in Casino Night Zone, Eggman sure tricked me!

Editor: ********* Archie Sonic Issue 1

(Sonic falls down and lands in Mobius)

Sonic: It's over allready! Oh well I'm back in Mobius! I think....

(Sonic looks around)

Sonic: This place looks diffrent!

Sally: Who are you!?

Sonic: Sal? You don't look like yourself.

Sally: What are you talking about? And how do you know my name?

Sonic: You must remember me. I'm your boyfriend, best buddy and the one you married!

Sally: Married? I never got married!

Sonic: Wait! I've gone in the past! When I should of been in Knotehole! Before I got sent to Mobius!

Editor: Sonic Mobius episode 1

Tails: Who is he?

Sonic: Tails?! You were here too!?

Tails: Yeah! We are getting attacked by Robotnick! So, tommorow me, Mum and Dad are moving to Knotehole!

Sonic: So, this is were you live?


Amy: Hi handsome!

Sonic: The same goes to Amy.

Sally: Correct!

Amy: Oooh! Handsome knows were I live!

Sonic: Amy! You look diffrent!

Amy: What are you talking about?

Sonic: Nothing! You look great!

(Sonic runs away!)

Sonic: If only I listend to Sal! I'm now stuck in this mess!

Shadow: The same thing happend to me.

Sonic: Shadow?

Shadow: I didn't listen to Rouge and I got stuck in the Future!

Sonic: I'm stuck in the past!

Shadow: Wow!

Sonic: Wait! This has happend before! I once met my Classic self in the past*! I might meet him again!

Editor: * Have you played Sonic Generations?

Sonic: I need to get back to Knotehole!

(Sonic reachs Knotehole)

Sonic: There I am!

Classic Sonic: Way Past Cool Unkle Chuck!

Sonic: I'll meet him again! SONIC!

Classic Sonic: Huh?

Sonic: I'm your future self! You must remember me!

Classic Sonic: Oh yeah! I remember!

Sonic: Thank goodness someone remembers me!

(Sonic and Classic Sonic highfive)

Sonic: I see you've got your voice!

Classic Sonic: Yeah! I even learned some of your moves!

Sonic: So hows your future been so far?

Classic Sonic: You were correct! It has been great!

Sonic: Good!

Classic Sonic: So whats the rest of my future going to be like?

Sonic: You will meet a beutiful girl called Sally Acorn.

Classic Sonic: Yeah!? What next?!

Sonic: But first before you meet her you will meet Miles who wants to be called Tails?

Classic Sonic: Yeah?! YEAH?!

Sonic: You will marry Sally and have too wonderful children called Manik and Sonia!

Classic Sonic: Whoah! I love my future! Do I have any annoying friends?

Sonic: Yeah there is Amy who chasses you around all day and there is Knuckles who has anger problems!

Classic Sonic: Oh. That isn't so bad.

Sonic: See ya later Classic!

Classic Sonic: WAIT!

Sonic: What?

Classic Sonic: Were do I find this Sally and Tails?

Sonic: Follow me!

(They reach Mobius)

Classic Sonic: Is that her?

Sonic: Yep!

Classic Sonic: Hey!

Sally: Huh?

Amy: Another handsome hog!

Tails: He looks the same!

Classic Sonic: Hello beutiful!

Amy:He called me beutiful!

Classic Sonic: No! I called the chipmunck beutiful!

Sally: Why, thanks! Have we seen you before?

Classic Sonic: No. But I've heard loads about you!

Sally: Really?

(Sally looks behind her)

Sally: This is the time guys run away or you'll be stuck in Mobius forever!

Amy: Ok Sal!

Tails: Lets do it to it!

(Amy and Tails run away)

Classic Sonic: Are you going too?

Sally: No! I must stay here!

Classic Sonic: I can't leave without you!

Sally: Just go!

(Classic Sonic runs away)

Sally: Goodbuy!

(All the rest of the fighters get trapped.)

Sally: The only way to undo this spell is the solo emeralds!

Sonic: I guess the solo emeralds are powerful! Now no-one can get out! Unless they find all of the chaos ememralds.

(Sonic returns to the future)

Sonic: Sally!

Sally: Sonic!?

Sonic: Is the solo emerald ok?

Sally: Yeah. You nearly broke it. We need all the solo emeralds to return.

Sonic: And for me and Tails to chaos controll back to Knotehole!

Sally: I seem to think I Knew Tails way before Mobius was trapped.

Sonic: Yeah...

Editor: The end, for now.

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