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Picture 11
Story 1

A fan character special! Sonic and Sally have found out that Eggman has rebuild Mecha Amy.Sally calls some of her friends (Splash,Anna and Rose) to help them.Sonic,Sally,Rose,Splash,Tails and Anna are ready to fight Amy but,Splash gets robotazised,Sonic and Tails are traped,Rose gets knocked out and Sally and Amy has to fight her best friend! Find out what happends next!


(Eggman fixs Mecha Amy)

Eggman:Curse Sonic! Maybe Sonic is too powerful for Amy*

Editor:*Sonic's Comic issue 8

Amy:No way!

Eggman:Then kill him! With he's friends!

Amy:I kinda like Sally....

Eggman:Just go!

(Mecha Amy walks away)

Amy:I'll teach him!

Editor:Later in Mobius

Sally:Our babies have arrived

Sonic:And thats Manic and Sonia!


Tails:Sonic! Sally! Mecha Amy is BACK!


Sally:We can't do this on our own! Sonic lets call our freinds!

Sally:Guys, get here now!

Rose,Spalsh and Anna: Got it!

Editor:2 mins later

Splash:We are here!


Splash to Rose: You know I like your sister



Anna:Both you shush! Sally told me whats going on!

Splash:What is?

Anna:Mecha Amy is back!

Rose:Mecha?!That means she is ....


Sonic:Yur right there!

Sally:Lets go!

Editor:At the Death Egg

Anna:This sure smells!

Splash:Same to me!


Sally:Splash! You try to find the robotaziser and try to unrobotazise Amy or turn her good!

Splash:On it!

Sally:Sonic,Rose and Tails fight Amy and lead her too the robotaziser!

Tails:Ok Sal!

Sally:Anna your comming to the computers with me!


(Sally takes gun out of her pockets)

Sonic:You have a gun!?

Sally:Shadow let me borrow it!

Sonic:Ok guys lets go!

(Everyone runs away)

Editor:In the robotaziser room

Splash:Hmm..... Aha!There is the robotaziser!

Eggman:There you are!


(Splash jumps back)

Eggman:Look what your in!

(Splash looks and sees he is in the robotaziser)


(Eggman turns on the robotaziser)


Editor:10 seconds later

Eggman:HO HO HO Splash! You look very handsome for a hedgehog!

Splash:Must.... obey...... orders!

Editor:Sonic,Tails and Rose are in trouble

Sonic:Guys stop blowing off!

Rose:It is not me!


Sonic:And it is not me!

Rose:No one is blowing off Sonic i think it is the creek of the floor-boards!

(All 3 of them look behind) Tails:The robots!

Rose:And thats Amy!

Sonic:Alright Amy time to end this!

(Rose goes up to Amy and attacks her)

Rose:You pretty tough!

Amy:Kill........ Freedom ..........fighters!

(Metal Sonic knocks out Rose)


Sonic:I can't fight! Even with my speed!

Editor:Sally and Anna have to fight their best friend

Sally:Bad news Rose,Sonic and Tails are in trouble!

Anna:What about Splash?

Splash:Kill....Sally.... and......Anna!

Anna and Sally :No!

Editor:Back with Sonic and Tails

Will:Get out of here!



Jack:We'll fight them! Now go!

Sonic:Will and Jack!

Will:Will Rose! Now get out!

(Will and Jack knock out Amy and Metal Sonic)

Editor:Back with Sally and Anna




(Dasiy knocks out Spalsh)

Dasiy:And don't hurt my friend again!



Sally:How could we undo his robobtazised side?

Daisy:Ah-ha! Anna knows about that!

Anna:You have too kiss him!


Daisy:Yes. He lovees you aswell!

Sally:Splash.You are my best friend.The unrobotaziser is broken the only way to undo this is a kiss.

(Sally looks at Splash)

Sally:Remember,this means nothing!

(Sally kisses Splash)


(Anna points at Sonic and Tails carrying Rose)


Sally:Lets go!

(They Run after Sonic)

Editor:At the Freedom Fighter workshop

Rose:We did not unrobotazise Amy

Sonic:Yeah it was kinda a waste of time!

Sally:At least we have 2 new memebers of the Freedom Fighters!

Will:Thats me!

Daisy:And me!

Jack:Hey! What about me?

Sonic:Yay! 3 more fighters!

Editor:Next time:Face the Future!

Picture 2Sonally Fan ForeverSA 21:55, October 14, 2012 (UTC)

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