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Love is broken (Sonic vs Blaze 2 or Sonic and Sally get Married part 3)

Sonic Acorn and Sally Acorn have married. Blaze is with Silver. Tails is with Rose Wolf and Cream. Knuckles is with Sonia the Hedgehog and Shadow is with Rouge. Everyone is happy, nearly.Blaze is still upset that Sonic and Sally have married an epic battle has started......


Editor:In issue 9 and 10 Sonic and Sally got married and Blaze got angry! Soon she ruined the wedding. And the brake up begins.

Blaze:I hate Sonic and Sally! I hate SonAlly! I don't know why I care!I don't know why I loved him!I...

Silver:Blaze! I'm so angry with you after what you did!

Blaze:Yeah! Your just like Sonic!

Silver: No! I'm not!

Blaze:Why don't you try to kill him again?

Silver:I was tricked by Eggman!

(Blaze sees Sonic and runs up to him)


(Sonic runs up to Blaze)

Sonic: I was looking for you!

Blaze:Me too!

Sonic:I thought you hated me!

Blaze:Yeah I do!

Sonic:Look I'm not going to brake up with Sally and marry you!

Blaze:I don't care!


Blaze:Yeah! I love Silver!

Sonic:Why are you telling me this?

Blaze:Your not sad!

Sonic: No! I'm with Sally now anyway!


Sonic:No need to shout! Anyway,you should say sorry!


(Blaze stomps off back to Silver)



Sonic:Hi Sal!

Sally:I'm going to have a baby



Silver:Knew it would not work!

Blaze: "sigh" He does love her now they are going to have a baby!

Editor:20 days later

Sally:The baby is here! Boy and Girl!

Sonic:Hello,Manik and Sonia!

Sally:Manik and Sonia?


Sally:10 more days!

(Sally goes up stairs)

Sonic:Good times!

(Blaze jumps though the window)

Sonic:Blaze! You broke my $100 window!

Blaze:Too Bad!

Sonic:Came to say "Sorry"


Sonic:And why?

Blaze:I'm going to kill you!

Sonic:Uh oh!

(Blaze jumps at Sonic and Smacks him)

Blaze:Thats for marrying Sally

(Blaze Kicks him)

Blaze:And thats for having kids!

Sonic:We have not had one yet!

Blaze:But you are!


(Sonic Punchs Blaze)

Sonic: This is for ruining the wedding!

Blaze: You should of married me and this would never happen!

Sonic: Blaze, I used to love you. But I desided you be with Sally.

Blaze: Why?!

Sonic: Sally and me love eachother. You and I are just friends.

Blaze: I supsose that's cool

Sonic: You should stay with Silver. 

Blaze: I guess we should of breaked up before you married Sally.

Sonic: Yeah.

(Sally enters)

Sally: Blaze?!

Blaze:Hi Sally!

(Sally runs up to Blaze)

Sally:So how are you?


Sally:Stay cool!

(Blaze goes away )

Blaze:You to Sal!

(Blaze shuts door)

Sonic:She is kinda nice sometimes you know!

Editor:So everyone's friends! Blaze and Silver are togehter! Everything is back to Normal! But now..........The End!

Picture 2Sonally Fan ForeverSA 20:19, October 8, 2012 (UTC)

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