Sonia the Hedgehog
Sonia is Sonic and Manic's Sister from Sonic Underground. (image made by SplashTheHedgehog)




Sonic the Hedgehog (brother)

Manic the Hedgehog (brother)

Queen Aleena the Hedgehog (mother)


Sonia has Purple-redish fur with pink fuzzy hair and Spines. She has a red shirt and blue skirt with a golden belt. Sonia also has red stockings and red and blue shoes with blue Gloves to match. Sonia has a necklace in the shape of a keyboard to play her keyboard which could also be used as a raygun.

Sonia is Sonic and Manic's sister from Sonic Underground. She knows how to play the keyboard.

SplashTheHedgehog's FanficsEdit

Sonia is a Freedom Fighter with her brothers, Splash, Sally, and everyone else.


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