Quotation1 Beauty and sympathy, two perfect combinations for a loyal and good friend. Quotation2
Samantha Test
Sam (4)
She's a cute and adventurous hedgehog.

Also known as

Sam, Agent S, violet hedgehog (by Eggman)






15 years








Silver Valley (Mobius)


Adventures, makeover, ice cream, stories, fight


Dark Sam, Eggman, Bowser, Mephiles

Samantha Test (サマンサテスト Samansatesuto) is an adventurous violet hedgehog. She is 15 years old and has green eyes. She is part of the Government Agents, along with Shadow, Rouge and Threetails. Sam is a versatile, agile, beautiful and intelligent agent. She's the older sister of Amy Rose, and daughter of Sarah Rose and Elijah the Hedgehog.





Galactic Research Facility

The Galactic Research Facility (abbreviated G.R.F) is a federative group that has investigated the mutation and creating of creatures for years. Sam worked in the team, as an assistant, along with her companions: Aaron Bistle (deceased boss), Oliver Paterson, Tonny Fhitz and Patrick Payton. Sam joins the team again in Sam's Z Mission, but she retires after the death of Aaron there.


Classic Sam colored

Classic Sam.


Earlier, Classic Sam wore a orange-yellow-greenish dress, black shorts and black shoes. In the next generation, Sam wore a blue dress similar to Amy's dress,
Go Sam!

Sam (when she wasn't original).

blue boots and black leggings (she was actually a recolor). Currently, Sam wears a white tank top, black pants, blue shoes, an earring in her ear and special bracelets for an agent.


As stated earlier, Sam is a versatile, agile, beautiful and intelligent agent, but sometimes can be very irritating and smug. She acts sensual to get what she wants in some missions, but Sam really is an adorable, cute and friendly person.


  • Beauty and sympathy, two perfect combinations for a loyal and good friend. - Sam's famous quote.
  • Huw, are you thinking what I'm thinking? - Sam tells Celeste in The 3 Wacky Girls.
  • SLEEPOVER! - Sam's best quote in The 3 Wacky Girls.
  • No way! Gimme a break, senior. - Sam discussing with the Government President.
  • Flames in Action! - When Sam becomes to Fire Sam in Super Smash Bros. series.
  • Can you beat me? - Sam before starting a fight in Super Smash Bros. series.
  • Don't call me silly hedgehog! - Sam discussing with Dami.
  • I'm the beauty of the track. - Sam starting a sport in Sonic Slash Sports.
  • I'm so fast as the speed of sound. - Sam starting a race in Sonic Riders (series).
  • Aaron, this time I'll not obey your orders. - Sam challenging her boss, Aaron, in Sam's Z Mission.
  • Prepare yourself, 'cause here comes Sam. - Sam starting a football game in Sonic Soccer's X-Treme.


  • Sam is bilingual.
  • Sam was called Sonia.
  • Sam was afraid of the darkness.
  • Sam gets angry easily (her patience running fast).
  • She has tanned skin.
  • She is a bit sensitive.
  • She is very sarcastic.
  • Rarely, Sam cries in some cases. Probably by memories of the death of her father, according she has told.
  • Sometimes she bothers people for fun.
  • Sam can be a kinda jealous.


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