Rage the Wolf was part of the Silent Planet army, he was one of the best in the warrior class but then quit for unknown reasons. Because he got an unkown rare disease after a battle and was put into suspended animation for a long time, when released he then was healed by Threetails who then become a good ally of his. He is now the protector of the Firefly family.

Rage the Wolf


908(physically 16)








Combat fighting skills, Stealth, Climbing, Speed.


Doing what he wants, fighting, winning, showing his power, his allies, being a strong warrior, destroying stuff.


The Silent Planet being destroyed, losing, Dr. Eggman, Taldeva, people not allowing him to do something, being called weak, being called an old guy.


Raging Warrior, Old Dude(by Fry), Angry Dude(by Dexter)


Rage is a skilled combat fighter, trained by El Dorado the Hedgehog, he became a strong warrior. Rage also has the abilite of Stealth, Climbing and Speed, which he learnt from El dorado. He doesn't have many abilities other than the ones listed already.

Relationships with other characters


(adding more later on)

El Dorado the Hedgehog(close friend and master)

Arthur Firefly(best friend)

Threetails the Fox(good ally)


Dexter the Fox

Fry the Hedgehog

(anyone who is a friend of the Firefly Family)


Psycho the Wolf(worst enemy, formerly friend)

Dr. Eggman

Taldeva the Fox

Silver the Hedgehog(friendly rival)

Shadow the Hedgehog(friendly rival)

Scourge the Hedgehog

Hazel the Fox

Anti-Arthur Firefly


Rage is a fairly aggressive person, being very serious and angry has made him sorta unfriendly towards people who try to become his friend. He originally was a nice guy, but his personality has changed over the years of fighting in the war, only being around his closest friends makes him seem more happy.


I don't get angry, I rage-his main quote

Why don't you get up and fight me you weakling....-when winning in a fight against Scourge.

What!!...wait....WHAT!!!!!-when shocked about something

I HATE POTATOES!!!!!!-when Fry asked if he liked potatoes.

Your so stupid sometimes-Rage saying that Dexter is stupid sometimes....

How dare you call me OLD!!!!!-when Eggman called Rage old


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