Psy-Cobra, one of the only insane Scientist in Argentium.


Aboard the Ark:Edit

Psy-Cobra (Dr. Sylvester Von Kintobor/Robotnik) is son of Prof. Gerald, uncle of Dr. Eggman and Father of Maria, but he lost his Sanity over his daughter's death and his father's execution at his time aboard ARK. He wasn't a snake back then but a drip of Black Doom's DNA accidentally droped in,while Gerald, Dr. N. (Nuclearos) Ferno the Time Warping Hedgehog and Black Doom are creating Shadow, and morphed him into a 7 ft., four legged Cobra. He jmay still not be poisonus despite his green toungue but after the death of his daughter he ran away from ARK to Argentium using his Rocket pack while in his BEM astronaut suit because he does not wanna be executed by GUN (Guardian Units of Nation) like his poor old man.

Psy-Cobra meets O. Ryan:Edit

After he landed in a planet called Argentium, a creepy 3-armed British accented Bem Scientist who works for the Xorda Prof. Orbulon Ryan who asked Psy-Cobra to meet him at the Scientically top secret hideout Laboratory X.

Sonic's Revenge:Edit

In Team Mechanix: Tails' New Adventure, Psy-Cobra met Sonic the Hedgehog at Tapper's in Game Central Station located (not Only in Litwak's Arcade but) Videoland while Sonic worriedly complains to Tapper about Tails' lovelife with a Human girl named "Angela O'Haru" Who is Tails' age. Sonic feared that romance will make him lose his relationship with Tails as a partner, friend and Brother.

more will come Soon....




  • Psycho-Grenade
  • Psycho-Laser
  • Psycho-Mutating machine
  • Psycho-rang (Laser bladed Boomerang
  • Psycho-Mech


  • Dr. O. (Orbulon) Ryan
  • General Kuku/Battle Bird (from Tails' Adventure)
  • Wendy Witchkart (from Tails' Sky Patrol)
  • Carrotia the Rabbit
  • Bob the Bear
  • Focke-Wulf
  • Speedy Kuku
  • Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasle
  • Bean the Dynamite
  • Bark the Polarbear
  • Chao Kong

Secret HistoryEdit

When Miles Prower was a Newborn with only one tail, Psy-Cobra stole him from his parents and took the kid to Lab X where he was about to clone him, but it cloned his tail instead and while he was about to give to rename him "Tails", Sir Charles barged into Lab X and took the Baby Miles back to Mobius.

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