Quotation1 I'm gonna do what I was born to do... TO FIGHT! Quotation2
Princess Marshalia Christopher "Marsha" Abadeer the Fourth of the House of Heinous
Marsha - Unleashed


(14 in physical age)
(1000 roughly)


  • Altir-Ra (great-grandmother)
  • Miles (great-grandfather)
  • Hexson Abadeer (grandfather)

Suzy-Le (grandfather)

  • Hunson Abadeer (father)
  • Rose Abadeer (mother)
  • Marceline (sister)
  • Finn (brother-in-law)
  • Tails (soul mate)
  • Tails Jr. (son)
  • Suzy (daughter)
  • Harold (son)
  • Rose Bud (Step Daughter)
  • Lily (Step Daughter)
  • Daisy (Step Daughter)
  • Poison Ivy (Step Daughter)
  • Control (daughter)
  • Spear (daughter)
  • Blast (son)
  • Swiss Roll (son)
  • Finn Jr. (nephew)
  • Runner (Surrogate sister)


  • Princess Marshalia (proper title)
  • Marsha (mostly used nickname)
  • Demon Princess (title)
  • Princess Marshalia Christopher Abadeer the Fourth (full name)
  • Marshy (less-known nickname)
  • Mrs. Marsha (by Cream the Rabbit)
  • Traitor (by Satan)
  • Sweetie (by Hunson Abadeer)
  • Honey (by Hunson Abadeer)
  • Mom (by her children)
  • Mommy
  • Mama
  • Marceline (often by mistake)
  • The TRUE Ultimate Lifeform
  • Kiddo (by Hunson Abadeer)
  • Madame Marshalia (by some demons)
  • Marka (by herself as a kid when learning to speak)
  • Annoying little brat (by Anti-Marsha)
  • Young lady (by hunson Abadeer when in trouble)
  • Sis (by Marceline)


Demon Princess


Level 5 demon


Nightosphere Demon/Vampire/Fox




  • Skin: Light gray
  • Fur: Black
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Cresent moon birthmark on chest


  • White gloves with sock-like cuffs
  • Black and white boots


  • Team Marsha
  • Freedom Fighters


  • Supersonic speed
  • Flying
  • Superhuman strength
  • Intelligence
  • Ability to use a Piko Piko Hammer
  • Acrobatic skills
  • Driving skills
  • Searching and locating skills
  • Baking and cooking skills
  • Harnessing chaos energy
  • Super transformation
  • Grinding
  • Hand-to-hand combat skills
  • Stealth
  • Computer hacking skills
  • Martial arts skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Swoardsmanship
  • Harnessing Demon Emerald's energy
  • Using holy magic
  • Immortality
  • Tinkering with machines
  • Building machinery
  • Skilled treasure hunter and theif
  • Spy skills
  • High hearing
  • Strong sense of smell
  • High physical durability
  • Weapon cobat skills
  • Demonic and Heavenly Marsha Transformations
  • Demon Transformation
  • Psychokinesis
  • Break-dancing skills
  • Hyper-go-on usage
  • Werefox transformation
  • Hyper Transformation

Princess Marshalia Chrisopher Abadeer the Fourth, or better known by Marsha is a demon princess from Ooo, a land from the Adventure Time dimension and one of Sonic's closest friends. Marsha had known Sonic and co. ever since she was a kid, playing Sonic games such as Sonic CD, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Rivals, etc. She was born into the Royal House of Abadeer, in the House of Heinous, her Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather. She curently resides in Green Hill Zone, only a mile away from Sonic. She was gifted with super speed and is noted to be the true Ultimate Lifeform, overpowering Shadow. To this day, she's the leader of Team Marsha and an undercover agent for the Freedom Fighters and G.U.N. She is also the soul mate of Tails the Fox. In the Good  Mobius Future, she's married to Tails and raises 11 children with him (4 of them (all daughters) are her step children).


Early LifeEdit

As stated by Marsha and seen in Adventure Time Origins, Marsha was born sometime before the Great Mushroom War. At that time, she lived with her mother, sister and father. The first four days of her life were uneventful, but on the firth day, she was kidnapped by the Dark Overlord as a method of luring Rose Abadeer toward him. Rose manages to rescue her very young child. She takes Marsha quickly into the forest where she puts her in a basket to hide her from the Dark Overlord. Of course, Rose leaves Marsha in the basket, abandoning her for her own safety and takes Marceline with her to get far away from DO as possible. However, Rose is supposedly killed and never returns for the child she abandoned. Marsha cried terribly for her mother, being so helpless until her father came looking for Rose. However, he doesn't find her but instead encounters a miserable, starving, cold and helpless Marsha. Hunson suddenly feels terribly sorry for her and takes her out of the basket,soothing her in his arms and taking her back to the house to get bug milk so that they could escape to the Nightosphere. From there, Hunson became Marsha's primary caretaker, due to her mother's loss.

Marsha grows up happily, despite the many incident of her nearly being hurt. The way Marsha lives each day is reversed to any normal kid: she sleeps in the day and stays up all night. She is also allowed to play in the human world, but Hunson will often follow her to see if she's not in any danger, unknown to her.

As a kid, she befriended an angel from Little Big Planet, who was named Gunner. Though Marsha didn't mind him being an angel. Hunson did. Hunson tried reasoning with Marsha, but Marsha never believed that Gunner could be possibly dangerous to her. On Christmas Eve, Hunson finally got the idea to trick Marsha into believing that angels were evil. He succeeds and Marsha goes to kill her friend. However, due to his bad aiming and shaky hand, Gunner shoots Marsha in the brain with one of his guns, effecting her memory. When Marsha regains consciousness, she now has amnesia and Gunner is gone, but she only remembers that she hates angels and then continues on to kill angels. This mainly explains why she hates Christmas up to "How the Collector Stole Christmas," where she learns how to love Christmas as she did when she a little girl.

As a child, she loved to play Sonic games, but Sonic CD actually gave her a fear of the dark. Marsha discovered this weird easter egg that sorta interested her, so she used her own copy of the game and did the easter egg, only to get a creepy image of Sonic that read "Fun is Infinite With Sega Enterprises" in japanese. The small text at the bottom was also in Japanese but was mistakenly meant "Yours Truly, The Devil." Marsha is then knocked out and when she wakes up later, her TV is broken and she grew a fear of being alone in the dark, fearing that Creepy Sonic would get her.

She also has a fear of heights, which started when Marsha was also a little girl. She had somehow ended up in a high tree and Hunson tried to encourage her to jump down. When she would, Hunson chopped down the tree and Marsha landed safely. Then, Hunson told her that heights were dangerous and that they would kill her. This drove her fear of heights.

Also, she grew her hatred for water as a little girl as well. Hunson had bought some kiddy pool and told Marsha not to go in it. Marsha, of course, was curious and started dipping her hand into the water. While sitting on the edge like the way she did, she lost her balance and fell in. Marsha, of course, never learned how to swim and nearly drowned. Hunson comes to her rescue. He's upset and she's upset as well. Marsha's hated water ever since.

Due to her antics and somewhat mischievous behavior, Hunson has a hard time disciplining her. So, he creates an exact equal and opposite as a discipline method. This Anti-Marsha was alway to "correct" Marsha's behavior (and by correct, I mean brutally beat her so that she would never do it again). Marsha was then scared to do anything. Even when she is sitting, she could never sit calmly and would sit up straight and stiff and kept her eyes open wide and alert. She barley talked and was living fear of Anti-Marsha, but could never let her father know. Eventually, Anti-Marsha decided to try and kill Marsha, often stating it was "disciplining" her for something she hasn't done. Marsha then finds courage and murders her counterpart, having to no longer fear her disciplining method and could just be herself once again.

However, Hunson still has some methods of his own. Hunson laid down strict rules for Marsha and would mostly put her in time-outs if she disobeyed. Besides this, there was one other method he rarely used: the belt. The belt was the method Marsha feared the most. Hunson would use a long black belt to whip Marsha's butt if she misbehaved. This often made Marsha cry and she would be completely miserable. Marsha often hid away after being cruelly punished and became scared once again.

Despite this, Marsha loves her father very much. As Marsha once stated, Hunson would play most games (except Checkers) with her. Why not checkers? Well, Marsha would often win checkers one too many times, especially on her first move. Hunson later got tired and they never played checkers together again. Besides the checkers issue, they have spent time together. However, they have different ideas of what's fun for them and what's not, especially from Marsha. When Hunson tries to joke with Marsha, it only frightens her. And even when they roughhouse, Hunson sometimes takes it a bit too far or Marsha does and it hurts both of them.

Hunson often gets frustrated when Marsha doesn't pick up after herself and sometimes scolds her about it. Despite this, he just doesn't want Marsha getting hurt. An example of this is when he tells her not to run in the house, right after she blurs right past him. Also, due to her height, Hunson had to always get stuff for her even if she couldn't, if she couldn't reach it. He didn't want her trying to climb up and then hurt herself.

Hunson often worries if Marsha isn't back by her normal curfew, and if she doesn't come home, he becomes frantic and looks for her. This shows that he often worries Marsha could be possibly lost or was attacked by a wild animal.

Hunson has tried to teach Marsha by home-schooling her, but she often has to correct him and it's often mistaken for as "being smart and having an attitude." Hunson then gives up and sends her to a preschool where she meet her arch-nemesis, Dark Princess. Hunson, who doesn't know about DP at first, believes that Marsha would be fine, but then finds out that DP was picking on Marsha and then turned on the entire preschool. He also discovers that it's Marsha who saves the preschool and defeats DP. Hunson then takes her out of Preschool, but doesn't continue to home-school her, but lets her instead learn from books, rather from him.

During her childhood, Marsha has grown a favoritism for some of her toys. Hunson has mentioned Marsha's favorite doll, but it's unknown what it looks like or what Marsha named it. However, Marsha also has a plush unicorn that goes by Sparkles. As seen during a coffee break during Creepy Fears 2, Marsha is holding a plush Tails. This could possibly be another plush that Marsha had when she was little.

By the time Marceline was returned, Marsha has a puppy that she named Dusk. Marsha cared for Dusk as a sick child (Dusk was sick). Marsha was suddenly ignored and Marsha missed the attention she once had. When her dog died, she grew so angry and was full of so much grief, she felt like no one cared about her feelings. As the feelings and fuel-ish thoughts bubbled up inside her, Marsha grew worse and worse. Finally, she had enough and blew a fuse. This was the possible origin of her anger problem (her HUGE anger problem).

She also had a human friend named Herabrine. They went camping together nearly everyday. But at one point, Marsha and Herabrine couldn't see each other again and Marsha was left without any friends once more.

However, as a little girl, she had befriended the animals of the forest, often hanging around them. The first animals she befriended were the nocturnal animals (bats, owls, possums, etc.) Later on, when she bean playing for a while in the day, she befriended the animals during the day (birds, rabbits, deer, etc.)

As a baby, Marsha was discovered to have ultimate power, power even more powerful than Hunson himself. However, Marsha has only 5% control on this power. As a little girl, she became a guardian of seven emeralds, looking lot similar to the Chaos Emeralds, but being more powerful.

As Marsha has stated, she was born half human, but ages differently. It could be possible if Marsha was actually 100 when she was 6.


As a BabyEdit

For the first 4 days of her life, Marsha was carefree and innocent. On her 5th day, Marsha was kidnapped, making her fearful and frightened, but was then rescued but abandoned in a basket. Marsha became terribly sad and cried helplessly. When Hunson comes looking for his wife, he encounters Marsha, who is now miserable, starving, cold and helpless. Hunson feels sorry for his child and takes her to the Nightosphere so that he could raise her.

As a KidEdit

Marsha is known as to be hyperactive and rather mischievous. Due to being a kid, Marsha prefers to play over almost everything. She can't seem to hold still and appears to love sugar. She often gets too excited and often forgets the rules her fathers puts down for her, accidentally breaking them.

She is shown to have determination, often never taking "no" for an answer. This will sometimes get her in trouble, where she will continually bother Hunson until he say "yes" to her.

When it comes to being disciplined, Marsha then settles down and becomes rather frightened and worried. She will often hide under her bed after being punished, fearing that she would do something wrong again.

She often loves winning and is a bad sport if she loses. If she loses, she will throw temper tantrums and quit. Hunson tries to correct her on this behavior, but this only sets her off even more.

As a kid, she's more friendly and is rather curious. Due to her curiosity, she doesn't know what's dangerous and what's not and Hunson constantly keeps an eye on her, often taking things out of Marsha's hands, which confuses and upsets her. From time to time, Marsha will find an animal that's fascinating and bring it home, but Hunson will take it away from her and release it back to the human world, later scolding Marsha for bringing a wild animal home.

As a child, Marsha is highly trick able. For example, Hunson tricks her into hating angels and, in the process, Christmas. This makes her as gullible as Knuckles, in a way.

Marsha will seem rather nervous that something might end badly, such as when she couldn't get down from a high tree and refuses to jump down.

She holds a level of respect for Hunson, often fearing his methods of discipline.

Despite these traits, Marsha is very loving and very loyal. One example is that she loves Hunson Abadeer very much, often loving when he plays games (besides checkers) with her.

She seems to despise being scolded but doesn't realize that Hunson doesn't want her to be hurt. She will often become frustrated when Hunson states that she can't get something for herself, due to her height.

Due to her fear of the dark, Marsha fears being alone late at night but has a hard time trying to find her way home.

Marsha is also highly intelligent and will often correct Hunson when he's wrong. At her preschool, Marsha is rather shy, but before Hunson leaves, he tries encouraging Marsha to make friends. However, she ends up doing the opposite and makes an enemy, whom she beats right when Hunson picks her up. In the end, Hunson takes her out of preschool and she ends up learning from books, which she likes doing.

Marsha seems to favor some specific toys, such as her favorite doll and Sparkles, a plush unicorn.

By the time her sister was returned, Marsha cared for her sick per dog, Dusk. When her dog died, she grew so angry and was full of so much grief, she felt like no one cared about her feelings. As the feelings and fuel-ish thoughts bubbled up inside her, Marsha grew worse and worse. Finally, she had enough and blew a fuse. This was the possible origin of her anger problem, which would result as a big tribute to her personality currently.


Marsha is rather lonely and secretive. When Marsha makes a threat, she's not afraid to carry it out. She's referred to as Ooo's Ultimate Lifeform and hates when Shadow insults her strength, directly or indirectly. She has a ruthless edge in combat, and displays a huge "killer instinct." This often connects to her anger and often her feelings.

Marsha is the second most violent and merciless character in the series, aside from Shadow, whom she's equal to. Marsha's ruthlessness, anger and aggression is often what drives fear into Tails, such as how Amy's anger drives fear into Sonic. Her enemies never treat her lightly and some enemies even regret enraging Marsha

Alongside her rather dark and violet traits, Marsha is also stubborn. When facing enemies, she speaks her mind, no matter how cold-hearted or mean she actually sounds. Through at times not being serious, she can become serious as the leader of Team Marsha, where she has no tolerance for Silver's stupidity.

On occasion, Marsha thinks about her past life, especially about her past life with family.

Marsha is often determined and is known to keep telling herself to stand tall and to never give in, something her father told her a long time ago.

Marsha has a strong sense of identity, often stating that she knows who she really is inside.

Marsha, despite her tough outlook, is real soft on the inside. From time to time, she appears to be a "big baby" but has a sensitive heart. When thinking about the ones she cares for the most being hurt or killed, it motivates her. She often defends her family, as well as Tails (her crush) and Runner (her adoptive sister).

Marsha, unlike Shadow, would never brush off any kindness, such as when Tails gives her a portal device for Christmas, in which she hugs him,  crying. As Creepy Sonic states, she shows a friendship towards Sonic, in where he gives her running tips. She is also friends with Rouge and Amy, but mostly Amy.

Despite her demonic nature, she's a pure hero who, all her life, has a tendency to fight for good and protect humanity.

As stated, Marsha's favorite food is cupcakes. She enjoys music, and is caught often singing. Marsha, similar to Sonic, also enjoys break dancing. As a stress reliever, she punches Knuckles, which is always funny.

Love LifeEdit

Marsha's had either became an admirer and had an admirer, mainly in the male nature. As a result, she had an active love life. Her most famous love lives were with Prince Gumball and Miles "Tails" Prower. Prince Legalis was an one-sided love, but she didn't have the same feelings for Legalis. Finn was also an one-sided crush, where Finn never shared the same feelings. She never had a thing for Sonic, but Shadow did tease them that they may "like-like" each other. However, Marsha clearly states that she doesn't like Sonic that way. When Scourge impersonated Sonic, Scourge often flirted with her as Sonic, but never succeeded. Miles may had somewhat of a "thing" for her, but even stated that "the truth is I don't care for her at all." The Werewolf King was even supposed to be Marsha's husband due to an arranged marriage, despite him wanting to marry her due to her looks. However, he was ultimately defeated by Tails, who revealed his love to everyone.

Prince LegalisEdit

Prince Legalis was Marsha's first "romantic interest". Being forced to court with him, Marsha had no choice but to follow Legalis one night. In truth, Legalis never even courted Marsha. Instead, he did the following:*Took a rose for himself when he noticed that Marsha wanted it.

  • Used Marsha's coat to cover a puddle instead of his own.
  • Took the last seat, forcing Marsha to sit on the hard floor.
  • Expected Marsha to pay for his dinner.
  • Insulted someone else's cooking in front of Marsha.
  • Used Marsha as a shield when a cake was catapulted across the room towards them.

Marsha kept her cool for most of the night. However, being used a shield had set her off, yelling at him that he was the "most un-charming prince she has ever met. In the end, Marsha shook cake all over Legalis as pay back, before madly walking away.


Marsha and Finn first met when Marsha encountered him, Jake and Marceline. During their first encounter, Marsha cast Finn under a love spell, which he broke out of. Despite their first meeting, Marsha showed some liking for Finn. She later appears being more friendly to Finn, escpecially during Discovering Unknown Lands, where she asks Finn for help. It's unknown how she felt about Finn's girlfriend at the time, Flame Princess, but never had any rash feelings towards FP. From time to time, Marsha has flirted with Finn, and had felt jealousy towards her sister, who was also in love with Finn. In the end, Marsha comes to Finn directly and says, "look, Finn. You're cute, but you're just not my type anymore." When Jake mentions how old Marceline, PB and Marsha all are, (1,000, 300, and 998) Marsha stated that Finn has "a thing for older women."

Prince GumballEdit

For a while, Marsha had been courted by Princess Bubblegum's gender-bent counterpart, Princes Bubba Gumball. This was Marsha's first confirmed boyfriend. Marsha's interest irritated the Ice Queen and was many times targeted by IQ in order to get to Gumball. Marsha managed to defeat Ice Queen every time, due to her and Gumball being a couple at this point. They remained for a while until Marsha and Gumball slowly grew apart. Gumball finally saw Marsha's true nature, just around when he began cheating on Marsha and Marsha found out.

Miles "Tails" ProwerEdit

After Gumball, Marsha was struck by the Soultouch when she met a character she met from her video games from her childhood, Tails. The two first interact in Creepy Fears, where villains from the Creepypasta world threaten Adventure Time and Sonic and co., plus the ponies from Equestria, go to help. At first, Marsha is to shy to begin flirting with Tails, but during the horor film's only love scene, she begins to flirt, calling Tails by her own nickname for him based off of his own mickname, "Tailsy." During one screen shot, Marsha is in her demon form and wraps her long light gray tail around both Tails' tails and is whispering in his ear. During one scene, Marsha kisses Tails on the cheek, which makes him faint after feeling her soft lips touch his furry muzzle. During the movie, Marsha saves Tails many times and even goes into rage mode when Sonic.EXE makes fun of her liking towards Tails. At the end, Marsha can be seen painting a picture of Tails with a light pink heart in the background, showing her love.In Adventure X, Sonic and co. reunite with the Adventure time Heroes to stop Dr. Eggman from his takeover. In the movie, Tails wants to impress Marsha, but doesn't know how. He tries to gain upper body strength, but fails to do so, since Marsha always saves him and he never saved her. After seeing Marsha's mental condition, Sonic suggests that they shoot her with the same gun she was hit with, but that would also kill her. Tails becomes infuriated at tells his friends repededly to stay away from Marsha and not to hurt her. They end up tying him and putting tape over his mouth, since he at that time went crazy, repeating what he had done for Cosmo. Tails later explians to Marsha what was going on and even offers to come with her to talk to her father, but she refuses and takes Sackboy with her.Marsha appears in A Blurr From the Past as one of the members of Team Sonic. When Sonic suggests that they send her to befriend Blurr, Tails objects, saying that Marsha wouldn't be a "smart move" by saying that Marsha isn't "the friendliest" and can get "carried away" when in anger. This is the introduction to the trait that Tails fears the most besides ghosts, thunder and lightening.In Silver's Present, the two are married and have three kids. Before their kids are born, Tails seems worried for Marsha since she has been 9-months-pregnant andhas been instucted not to move. Marsha has compared him to her father during one point, since her father also cared too much about her safety. After the  children are born, Tails and Marsha both have different opions about their children and Tails keeps insisting that she teach then not to beat him up. In the end, she takes Tails' advice and teaches them not to hurt him.In Things That Hunt in the Night, Marsha tells Tails about her condition that hapens on Halloween at midnight. However, she (in her demonic state) begins hunting and trying to attack Taisl for one whole minute, but accidentally kills Sonic in the process. They later are in the plan to take Sonic to Lavender Town, kill him at Midnight and have him face against Buried Alive as Creepy Sonic in order to free him of his curse. At the end,  Tails remarks that their children were scared and asked her if her condition was comepletly normal, which she said yes and explained how her family dealt with it, which was how she was raised diffrently from Tails.In Tails Doll's Revenge, Tails Doll goes after the couple, but is defeated by their children, along with Creepy Sonic. At the part when Marsha finds out that Tails Jr. stole her light gun, Tails asks if Marsha ever stole things before, which Marsha explains that she stole some pencils, a ball, a flag and robbed a bank (but she returned the money). At the end, Tails agrees with Tails Jr. that Marsha is wrong, despite Marsha hate towards being wrong.In Marsha's Pressure, Tails comes along with Marsha to Adventure Time to find Sackboy since he also hates Sackboy like Marsha does. Marsha explains that all demons hate angels and also explains to him all the regions in the Land of Ooo she knows. He is mainly on Marsha's side and seems suprised when finding out that Marsha kills angels.In Sonic Colors: Return of the Colors, Marsha is addressed as "Tails' girlfriend" by Silver after he stops repededly pressing his button and Marsha repededly starts pressing hers.In SONIC: In the Face of War, after Marsha was brutally beaten by Ash, Marceline's ex-boyfriend, Marsha ended up losing a huge amount of blood as it cried out of her eyes, which ended her up in a hospital as the fighting continued. As it was discovered that her health has deteriorated, Tails had been terribly concerned for his wife, staying by her side, caring for her as she was temporarily put in a wheelchair as the doctors try to figure out how to help her walk again. Even before her injury, Tails was temporarily severely injured, making Marsha's mind temporarily snap, ending her up in the Ooo Hospital for the Mentally Insane. She had become very mentally unstable, becoming very dangerous and even tried to kill Finn after she hears his choice of words for her. After Tails recovers, he demands to visit Marsha and later demands to be put in the room with her. Despite the doctors' warnings, they put him in the room with her and Marsha suddenly came back to sanity.As revealed, they raised 11 children together, having the largest family out of all their friends. This is the most long-lasting love Marsha has had with a boy, despite Tails knowing Marsha's true nature.

The Werewolf KingEdit

Before becoming Tails' wife, Marsha was being forced into marriage by her father, who was planning to marry her to the Werewolf King, who knew only about her beauty. Tails objected to this, only to be trapped with Sonic and Knuckles in the Underground Mines. The team makes it to the wedding, where Tails objects, making his love clear. However, the Werewolf King then came up to Tails and beat him until he was bleeding. After knocking him into a wall, he was then attacks by Marsha herself, revealing that she shared the same feelings. She then gave a long speech about true love and what it means to people, especially her. She also mentions that no one "messes with the Soultouch". She then pulled out her Pony Sword and fought and defeated the Werewolf King.

Theme SongsEdit

Asteroid Coaster Map - Sonic Colors (DS) Music Extended30:00

Asteroid Coaster Map - Sonic Colors (DS) Music Extended

Three Days Grace - World So Cold Lyrics & HQ Audio04:04

Three Days Grace - World So Cold Lyrics & HQ Audio


  • "Come on, Eggbrain! Even I can drive that thing better than you can!"
  • "(to any girl who has her eye on Tails) Kiss him, and you just brought yourself a one-way ticket to HELL."

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