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Quotation1 Thanks for returning peace to my kingdom. The inhabitants of the galaxy and I really appreciate it. Quotation2
Gala talking to Sonic.
Princess Gala-Su
Princesa Gala-Su the Hedgehog
The princess of the Crystalline Galaxy.

Also known as

Galy, Majesty, Galactic Princess, dear (by Sam and Celeste)


  • Sonic & The Mystic Sword
  • Sonic Chronicles: The Eternal Darkness
  • Super Smash Bros. series (trophy)
  • Sonic Party Games (cameo)






1.70 cm


32 kg.


Crystalline Galaxy



Favorite Food

Fruit rolls


Magic, quickly disappear, invisibility, shield anti-attacks

Princess Gala-Su the Hedgehog (王女 ガーラ ザ ヘッジホッグ Ōjo gāra za hejjihoggu) is the princess of the Crystalline Galaxy, she rules over her kingdom, and is the only one that can handle the Mystic Sword. Gala lives on a ship, in a small valley usually surrounded by space creatures.


Originally Gala was born in another galaxy, but her parents and she had to leave of there, because of wars "without end". She lived with her grandmother for a while. For years she was studying mechanic and art, some time, she managed to build her own ship. Currently Gala lives there, in her ship, located in a small valley usually surrounded by space creatures.

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