Quotation1 Sometime I feel you never understand where I'm comeing from. Quotation2
Nikki the Hedgehog.

As Amelia

Quotation1 How does it feel to be hurt and watch someone to killed something or someone that you love by FORCE! Quotation2
Nikki as Amelia
Nikki new look by insanitybloodrose-d81hoci
  • ~Anjelique Nikita Bellarosa
  • ~Vampire Chick
  • ~Princess (formerly)
  • ~Shorty by scourge
  • ~cheater by Shadow
  • ~Nikkì Bellarosa
  • ~Amélia (Negative Counterpart)
Gender Female
  • ~16 Years Old (Physically)
  • ~508 (Realistically)
height ~3'0
Weight ~130
Clan ~Upier
  • ~Dhamphire
  • ~Crystal Islands
  • Mobius ( staying in Sonics timeline)
Hair ~Amaranth Pink
Eyes: ~Red
Fur: ~Amaranth Pink
Skin: ~Fair
Height: ~3'0" (91.44)
Weight: ~68lbs
Occupation ~Princess
Powers / Skills
  • ~fighting
  • ~flirting
  • ~martial arts
  • ~manipulating
  • ~Evil (formerly Good)
  • ~( later Neutral)
Relationships (Crush On)
Non-Romantic Relationships ( One Side Crushes)
  • ~Scourge (attracted to /one side crush)
  • ~Zonic (attracted to / side crush while in prison ended)
Friends Amy Rose (Friend)
Knuckles the Echina
Fiona Fox ( Best Friend)
Scourge The Hedgehog
Enemies Amy Rose (Love Rival)

Rosy the Rascal
Dr.Eggman ( Sometimes)
Flying Frog (give her insults)

  • ~Shopping
  • ~Attention
  • ~Getting her way
  • ~Receiving compliments and gifts
  • ~Loud noises
  • ~Challenges
  • being total fucking slut
  • ~Manipulating people to get what she wants
  • ~Most women
  • ~Succubi/Incubi
  • ~Being Insulted
  • ~Being Bored
  • ~Being underestimated
  • ~Mind Games
  • ~Opinionated Individuals
  • ~Being Ignored
  • ~Being “Squeezed” too Tightly
  • actually hot chicks
  • you
  • good fan characters
  • ~Her Second Half--Amélia
Family ~Maximillion "Max" Bellarosa (Father)

~Aaliyah Jeanne Rosabelle-Bellarosa (Mother)
~Akita (Dimensional-Counterpart)
~Paul Rosabel (Grandfather)

Timelines Counterparts

Amelia ( Evil future Counterpart)

Amberlina Rosabel (original Past Counterpart)

(Sonic Boom Counterpart)

Amalina Rosabella (video game Counterpart)

Theme [[

Nikki is a female hedgehog that originated in the Archie Mobius Universe of sonic timeline as a sweet and kind equivalent like her Mobian counterpart, Akira when she was good but however, she suffers from depression after losing her parents at a very young age which they both was forced to return to their timeline for her own safety. From the other Vampire Clan, after years of being abandoned, she choses the dark side path during the years of growing up, which got herself in a whole lot of trouble. She later joins Team Destructix, but unlike her counterpart/akira, Nikki becomes more evil and takes enjoyment of watching others suffer but in another dimension universe, Her future counterpart becomes very evil and insane, not caring about anyone but herself, similar to the attire of Future Android 18 from the Dragon Ball Z series. However, similar to Future Android 18's attitude, Nikki cares about her clan. She also bears a similar personality to Darka Marapore in the future as well.

( please understand "The original character amy rose was created and currently owned by both Sega & Archie Comics." So this my original character not a rip off of Amy)

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