Mecha Topaz


New Update Robot 2045


Dr. Eggman, Metal Knuckles, Mecha Tails, Metal Sonic, winning


Knuckles, Threetails, Rainbow Dash, Sally, Sonic, Tails, everyone who is the enemy of Dr. Eggman, losing

Ability Type(s)

Speed and Power

First Appearance

Sonicpower Comics Issue 5



Mecha Topaz is the roboticized version of Topaz the Hedgehog. She first appeared in Issue 5 of Sonicpower Comics. She is not a fake copy like Mecha Sally was in the comics, and she was in this form on Talveda's ship, after the actual Topaz roboticized herself.

Hatred Against the CityEdit

After being roboticized she attacked New Mobotropolis by the command of Eggman. Also, she appeared in Spongebob Comics Issue 5.

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