Lord Mecha ( 藩主のメカ Hansu no meka ) is a mysterious,unknown leader of a secret Empire.He prefers to lives away from socialization.Creating or researching about his lastest inventions.His side are questioned since he being the Allies of Doctor Eggman and some evil do's.


At the year of 1940 during the cold World War 2 in the Human world (Earth).A Russian scientist named Nikolas Koslov created the first teleport machine that could help him escapes from the war.He teleported to the Mobius and learns about the Mobians.He then creates the first Mobianoid with the project name "Evio-01".

6 Years later he had finished his masterpiece's and raised him like his own son.He teached his creation about Knowledge,Emotions,Peace.But he didn't teach him about "Sadness".His creation were perfect,but he still needs to be filled with more knowledges and powers.

But sadly,the Nazi's has discovered Nikolas's teleport machine right when he was fixing it.Nikolas accidently dies while the Nazi destroys the Machine in the Human world. The both of Machines will exploads together if one of them are destroyed.

The poor creation was just watched his father "Makers" burned alive right infront of his eyes.But he didn't feel sad since Nikolas didn't teach him about "Sadness".All that poor Mobianoid it just watching and watching.


(Real) Full Name : Unknown.
Mecha Lord - Archie style

Nicknames : Lord Mecha.

Species : Mobianoid Hedgehog

Gender : Male

Birth : 06 May 1946

Alignment : Neutral

Type : Speed

Weight : 54 Kilos

Height : 225 Centimeters

Fur : Black-Brown

Eyes :

  • Inner ; Light Glowing Purple 
  • Outter ; Black


Lord Mecha are very obssesed with perfection.He works perfectly at everythings he do and never let any mistakes at his work.

He was interested at Mobians lifes and dreamed to life like them.Even it was really hard for them since his personality are too serious and cold.


Lord Mecha hates rudeness.He gets easly insulted while somebody talking rude or act inapporittly.He will force them to behave or eletrocuted them.Because of that he's pretty annoyed by Sonic The hedgehog after the first time they met.

He also disliked Magic.Since he was a true logical thinkers.


He is known to be a serious,mannered,cold,and quiet male.He works with mind and only uses streght if he needs to.He will do anything to get what he wanted and protects everythings he care to.He also a Obssesed-perfectionist.Demanding everything to be perfect just like he wanted too.


  • The Staff Of Absorbment :

Lord Mecha can use his Staff to absorbs and releases powers.It is very usefull to defeats strong enemy's or to paralyzed.He creates the Staff with a strong materials that can be breaks only by ages

  • The World Cutter :

.His lastest invetions,The World Cutter was the most strongest weapon he had.It was a Sword created by Sun's core and Diamond.He use The World Cutter only to destroys a planet right to the core by stabbing the ground.The Sword will lets out a magnetic aura and gravity effects that could destroys the planet's core from the inside.

Powers And AbilityEdit

  • Massive speed Of Agility
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat Mastery
  • Immunity To Fire,Water,Gravity,Psychokinetic And Ice
  • Hard-Metal Skins
  • Cold-Warm Temprature Seeing


  • Magic
  • Easly Stressed By Works


  • The Acorn's Kingdom
  • The Eggman Empire
  • Sonic The Hedgehog ( Neutral )
  • Shadow The Hedgehog ( Friendly Rival )
  • Amy Rose ( Neutral Disliked )
  • Blaze The Cat ( Netural Friendly )
  • Enerjak ( Neutral )


  • The Dark Legion ( Friendly Enemy )
  • The Iron Queen Legion
  • Dr.Fintevius ( Rival )
  • Mephiles The Dark
  • Lien-Da


  • "My...Such a rudeness you have.Haven't your mother teached you about manners?" -While First Meeting Sonic.
  • "Oh its such a pleasure to join you,Doctor,"- Joinning The Eggman Empire.
  • "Erghhhh.....Why does this works never end?"- Being Stressed while working at the World Cutter Project.
  • "Can you keep your mouth close tightly? You Noisy Stubborn girl,"- First meet with Amy Rose
  • "Why would you work so hard to protect a tiny planet that soon will be exploaded like a dynamite?."-Lord Mecha while arguing with Sonic.
  • "All of you are just a trash! thinking that your little pathetic blue King could saved you from me! he even not stand a chance to fight me!,"-Lord Mecha while declaring war on The Acorn's Kingdom.
  • "Hmph.Foolish mortal,you think you can go away easly from me?".
  • "All the works i do it just for the peace for my father "Makers","-While ending the War.
  • "I dont care how many people thinks that i'am evil.They could say anything about me at behind but cowardly stay silent infront of me.Pathetic,".
  • "I really love your sound,young girl.Can you sing one more time for me again?,"-The secret meets.
  • "I'm now truly understands about your reason to protects the world,Sonic The Hedgehog.I shall help you sometimes,".

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