LANOS the Robo-Lynx made by his parents NICOLE and Espio he is the field A.I of Future Team Freedom.


He was created by Nicole and Espio to be there son his stages were Computer,handheld device,and robotic form so he could go through life growing.When he fall in love with Belladonna the Echidna he unlocked his robotic form the became Future Team Freedom filed A.I and became a very important member of Future Team Freedom.


LANOS is programed so he can under stand basic emotions but when he eggsperience it like when he fell in love with Belladonna or when he through Belladonna was cheating on him with Ace the Bat he can stop all of his personality to process.


LANOS has the power to project a hologram of a lynx. In his holographic-robo form, LANOS has a range of other abilities. Like any real Mobian, he has fully functional limbs and the use of several senses—the latter may not include taste, since LANOS's holographic-robo self doesn't actually eat. However, he also retains many of his computer abilities, and his Mobian form has attributes of speed or strength superior to those of a biological being. LANOS can blast green energy from his hand, use a rocket in his feet to fly, control nanites, transform his mind into all most all machines,and create force-field. In digital worlds, his abilities are expanded remarkably to the point he is capable of virtually anything he wishes, making him a fierce opponent to even skilled and experienced fighters. LANOS can summon Nanites from hammer space to crate anything like walls or even plans.

LANOS also has natural Chaos Control but this power is locked away and will most likely transfer this power to Alex. It turns out that NICOLE had tried to make a second ultimate lifeform in case former King Shadow would try to destroy everything in his path... again. He has been calculated as one of the 3 people who could match Shadow - him, Alex the Hedgehog, and Lara-Su.


LANOS has never went through heartbreak so he can lose all emotions for time to analyse. LANOS energy can be absorbed which would leave his Robo body with no power and would only be able to temporarily form a solid hologram.

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