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JSC, full name Jacob's Space Colony, is a space colony created by Melissa's great-grandfather Jacob. Melissa and her siblings + cousins were born there. Since nobody lives there, Melissa is the only one who makes visits there because it was her birth place.



Jacob heard that his great-granddaughter, Melissa, was diagnoised with Type One Diabetes (and still has it). He was smart enough to make this place for his sick great-grandchild. He also made it for great-grandkids and some of his family them to live there.



  • Jacob the Hedgehog
  • Elizabeth the Hedgehog
  • Brian the Hedgehog
  • Melissa the Hedgehog
  • Alicia the Hedgehog
  • Rosalina the Hedgehog
  • Julian the Hedgehog
  • Nega the Hedgehog
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Kayne the Hedgehog


  • Jacob the Hedgehog



  • JSC is based off the ARK.

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