Honey the Cat

Honey Channel

Biographical Information
  • 15 (current age)
  • Meika the Cat (mother)
  • Caelan the Cat (father)
Romantic Interests
  • Mighty the Armadillio (boyfriend)



Hon, Strawberry, Flightful Friend (by Sly sometimes) Kitty (by Dyerick the Rabbit)

Appears in

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Honey is a teenaged female cat who is a scrapped character from Sonic the Fighters on the Arcade. She is still with us in the Archie Fanon, though. She has a robotic pet mouse named Chu.

Witnessing a Sad Death

While having bad dreams about her parents at night, she woke up and struggled to find her parents. She saw her parents die from roboticization at night once she found them.


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