Herobrine the Raichu

Herobrine from Sonic Unleashed Part Deux: the Werehog returns

Herobrine the Raichu 
is the undead brother of Baron Viktor Von Thortis who's title was inspired by Notch's created game of Minecraft, he's also one of the supervillains like Biolizard, Ixis "Wallace" Naugus, Dark Gaia, Mephiles, Ifrit, Black Doom, Count Crocula & Neo Metal Sonic.

Killed during the great WarEdit

Since the funeral of Herobrine von Thortis after he was killed in the great war, Viktor has said "I warned him not to bury his thundertail to the ground."

The Rescue of EnigmaEdit

19 years later Herob has helped Enigma escape from the Mystic Monster in the mystic cave and when they got out of the cave they started to fall in love.

A new life in PokeniaEdit

He and Enigma introduced themselves to a Vampiric Fralligator named "Count Crocula "


Died at Enigma's age of 17 during the great war..

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