Enigma the Hedgehog

There's Enigma the only dweller of Mystic Cave

She is Sonic's Elder Step Sister from Smash-Grams


During the Great WarEdit

When Sonic was still a baby, while his father Jules and his Uncle Chuck were at the Great War, leaving baby Sonic, Young Ella and Benadette alone, Ella Hedgehog (Currently Enigma The Hannibal) was in her room listening to the music from the familiar death metal Band, Taranchula. and then Mr. Null Came to have her sign the "Your Soul is mine" Contract then Jules and Chuck came back after rescuing Lord Julian, and after it's too late to stop her from giving her soul to Mr. Null, Null vanished and Ella has been attempting to murder her father, But Bernie can't Tolerate that so she disowned Ella and kicked her out of the hedge House and after Ella bit of Queen Acorn's Pinkie, King Max was enraged so much he banished her to the Mystic Cave (From Sonic 2) which is used as her prison and declared prejudgement against Hedgehogs till their extinction.

19 years later in the Mystic Cave. . .Edit

The Raichu from Pok'enia (Mobius' Romanian Colony filled with Pokemon called "Pokemobians") without pupils named "Herobrine" helped her escape from the "Mystic Monster" and the Cave itself. After they escaped she was taken to Castle Crocula where Herobrine introduces Enigma to to a Fraligatr he works for who turns into a Crolbat named Count Crocula.

. . . . More of Enigma the Hedgehog will come soon



Voice ResemblanceEdit

Nancy Cartwright 

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