"Sonic! I am you! Or...was you. The details aren't important!" -Embous, pretending to Sonic from the future.

Spirits of The Future: Part One-Ghostly Travels Edit

Sonic and the Freedom Fighters and Sonic Nega were having a bbq, when a portal opened, and a ghost faded into existence in front of it. The "Future Spirit" says that he is Sonic, but Sonic cuts him off and says he is Sonic. The ghost laughs, and says that's what he'd say. Feeling provoked, Sonic tries to hit the spirit, but his fist passes thru him. The ghost's fist turns into ice, and he smacks Sonic. The two begin to fight, while SN sets up police tape around them. After fighting, Embous warns Sonic that Eggman will kill him if Sonic doesn't retreat to the shelters. Eggman does attack, and they all run away. Embous smiles, and walks away, smiling. It then shows him in The Cosmic Interstate.

Spirits of The Future: Part Two-Fake Out! Edit

In part two, Sonic tries to find his "future self" to thank him. But, instead, the portal reopens and Shadow, looking beat up and tired, is thrown out by Embous and two body guards. He thanks Sonic for getting out of his way. He then captures Sonic and Nicole, and throws them into a cell in a alt. universe. He tells them his real name. It tens shows him sitting in his thrown, when Alt. Universe Julie-Sue walks, with smoke coming off of her with tons of bruises. She tells Embous the prisoners were coming, and he gets angry. He says to deploy the "Metal Fighters" (Robotized Freedom Fighters) to destroy them. Sonic and Nicole beat the baddies, and they get into the throne room. But, nobody is in there, and a self-destruct button was hit. They escape, and they never see Embous again.

Bio Edit

*Age: None

*Family: Julie-Sue (wife), Gerald Robotnik (Grandfather), Mephiles (Counter-part), Sonic (counter-part).

*Allies: His minions/servants.

*Enemies: Nicole and Sonic.

Cameos Edit

Mephiles Mini-series

Sally's Crusade

Shadow Returns

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