Cesar Conchesumare
New Cesar 2012 2013

Also known as

Cesar-kun, Chosen one














Sara (AKA SB), drawing, playing with his fire powers, environments, exploration, cold days, sweets, rock music, videogames.


Chroxgamma, evil, noise when he requires silence, ignorant people.


Pyrokinesis, sword skills.

Cesar Akuhiro (formerly named Cesar the Hedgehog) is a 15 year old female hedgehog. He is a brown hedgehog who wears a red t-shirt with gray sleeves, blue jeans and XDDDDDDD sneakers.

He is known for artistic abilities (although he isn't perfect at it), knowledge (though he isn't too smart) and for having a brave feeling and courage to do many things, even if it looks or sounds silly or insane.

He was chosen to be a warrior that can defeat the dark galaxy size force named Chroxgamma. He starts very weak but the Cemayas will guide him and he will use one of their sacred weapons.

Character's BackstoryEdit

Cesar was born in a city somewhere on Mobius named Mission Valley. He is a highschool student who just started highschool. He isn't like many others. Although he isn't strong, or hyper or like those people who are popular, he is a kind, sweet and friendly dude with his friends and most of the people he knows.

One day, while he was about to visit his girlfriend named SB the Wolf (AKA Sara), a rare but charming looking stone fell from the sky and hit Cesar hard in the head. He looks at it and decides to keep it as a treasure. When he visits his girlfriend, the stone shows up a shiny light a number of times. Cesar then grabs the stone and an holographic message appears. The message reveals that he was chosen to stop an evil galaxy-size force under the name Chroxgamma. The messenger on the hologram was a strange humanoid being named Cemaya. But his name is actually Light Cemaya.

After that message a volcano rises from far away and while plan to see what happened far away, Cesar and Sara's families had dissapeared. They get shocked but Cesar doesn't give up and decided to enter a whole new adventure. Sara joins him and they see one more message. It turns out that Cesar has to save the 7 royal Cemayas. Once he rescues one, the royal Cemaya will teach him a bit of an element. 

Cesar and Sara understood and thus PENDJEOOOXDDD head to their new journey to save their families, the world and the universe.


Between July and August of 2010, Cesar was first created. Back then, he was called Cesar the Hedgehog. He was an anthropomorphic hedgehog with aqua blue fur, peach skin, brown eyes and hair bangs. The clothes he wore were crimson red and gloves with a black stripe in the middle and two black sneakers. He didn't have a backstory back in that time, nor a family, nor any powers except speed.

His design was later redone in early Spring 2011. It wasn't much of a change, but it was at the slightest. His fur color became dark blue and he got a bit taller and he wore a sort of band on his left arm. It was revealed that he wore it because of a Motobug accidentally cut Cesar's left arm in his childhood. In terms of backstory, he got a new one. His backstory was being the future son of Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose. And that he was destined to save the universe since the Cemayas told him that. He was also overpowered as he had the control of fire, water, light, forest, air, earth and thunder. This development was recieved well but it didn't later on. So Cesar the Hedgehog's development changed.

In February 2012, Cesar the Hedgehog's design was slightly changed. His fur color became navy blue, he got taller and he wore boots instead of sneakers and a sacred Cemayan pendant. The creator did this in other to make Cesar more mature and also Cesar's backstory had to be changed. It still followed the save the universe formula but this time, his backstory had nothing to do with Sonic the Hedgehog. And his family was changed to an original one. Just a fresh backstory. And his powers were downgraded later on. He first had all but near Summer 2012 his only power became fire.

On November 2012, Cesar got a fresh and new design. He was quite changed. Instead of quills he had a human-like hair, brown fur and this time he wears again black sneakers. Cesar also recieved something new to his design: clothing. He wears a red t-shirt with grey sleeves and blue jeans. His backstory, family and stuff remained the same. Only the backstory was upgraded at the slightest. Cesar's last name change to Acevedo but then to Akuhiro.


Friends and AlliesEdit

  • SB the Wolf (Girlfriend)
  • R.O.B.O. X-D1 (Also known as Robert)
  • The 7 Cemayan Warrios
  • Sandra the Porcupine (best friend)


  • Shawn Steelfort (Also known as Shawn Cyborg)


  • Chroxgamma


Early designsEdit