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About Edit

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 11.39.43

Planned since I was young!

  • Sonic Mobius supports SonAlly and SonAze
  • Sonic Mobius is the number 1 Amy haters comic!
  • There are some cameos like Mario, Rayman and Archie
  • Sonic Mobius rules!
  • Sonic Mobius shows Sallys new look!
  • Ren is Sonic's rival in Sonic Mobius
  • Sally and Amy are friends!
  • Sonic Mobius shows flashbacks from the Sonic games.
  • Sonic Mobius still rules. 

Theme SongsEdit

SMBZ Back to mad - Texas Faggott (smbz edit by bobalgeria)04:45

SMBZ Back to mad - Texas Faggott (smbz edit by bobalgeria)

Sonic and Shadow's theme song

Sonic Heroes - Team Rose Theme03:34

Sonic Heroes - Team Rose Theme

Sally and Amy's theme song

You Eediot - Big House Blues03:01

You Eediot - Big House Blues

Ren and Stimpys theme song

Sonic Mobius!!! JOY!!!!

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